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Mystrael Shawk -- An Effect Based Lightning Wizard for D&D
Last week, I discussed how useful it can be to approach D&D magic from an effects based or special effect design philosophy as both a player and a DM. Using this approach allows for gamers to add a little of narrative magic without the need to have a deep u...

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Using a Special Effects Approach to Spell Casting in D&D Games
There are too many spells in Dungeons & Dragons and it reduces the sense of wonder in the game. Magic systems are one of the most difficult design challenges that face prospective game designers, players, and game masters. Magic in fiction, and in our imagi...

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A Kickstarter Superbacker's Thoughts on Late Projects
I've been backing Kickstarter projects, primarily Tabletop Gaming projects, for quite some time. I've been a fan of the platform from early on and really like the idea of supporting creators by providing them the fund to work on creative projects. Some frie...

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Why Conan Endures: an Updated Article from the Archives on Robert E Howard's Birthday.
A decade ago, USA Today printed an article by Mike Snider who wrote about Conan's reemergence as a relevant subject in popular culture (hat tip to SF Signal for the story). In response to this article, I wrote a blog post advancing the argument that there a...

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Conan's Life as Nostalgic Neil Young Song
Neil Young's classic song Old Man is a song I associate with many of my favorite childhood memories. Harvest , the album featuring the song, played on our home's stereo with great frequency and is a part of the soundtrack that plays in the back of my mind f...

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Shadow of the Krampus? -- A Winter Themed Adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord
I am a big fan of running seasonal adventures for my regular gaming group. Though my group hasn't played as regularly this year as they have in the past, I was inspired by Robert J. Schwalb's dark fantasy roleplaying game Shadow of the Demon Lord to write a...

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A Christmas Adventure for Savage Worlds
Cthulhu Claus image by Jody Lindke I originally posted this adventure on my Savage Worlds Character a Day blog...a blog with a far too ambitious name. The adventure takes p lace in the Sava ge Worlds Necessary Evi l s etting and requires either that rule bo...

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Goobles and Goblins - A Gaming for Kids Review of an RPG Heartbreaker
Like many gamers and gaming fans, I have increasing become a consumer of streaming live play and game review channels. Among my favorite channels is the Saving Throw Show channel on Twitch. I started following the channel because I'm a fan of Tom Lommel's D...

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An RPG of Rifles and Magic: Brian McClellan's Powder Mage RPG is Coming Soon.
  The best way to describe Brian McClellan's  Powder Mage  stories is by saying that they are an entertaining combination of Sharpe's Rifles and  Full Metal Alchemist and  The Scarlet Pimpernel.  The novels, and short stories, fall within the noble genre of...

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Hacking the Black Hack using Zak's FASERIP System the Cypher Way -- Some Initial Thoughts
Readers know that I have long been a fan of Superhero role playing games. There was a time when I could claim to "own every Superhero RPG in print," but those days have long past. I still own a very large selection of Superhero RPGs that ranges from Superhe...
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