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Sarah Jude
Child wrangler by day, spooky writer by night
Child wrangler by day, spooky writer by night

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Sometimes life throws a curveball at you. Sometimes that curveball hits you right between your eyes. It ain't pretty when that happens. This is a year where I've sucked at blogging. I really have. I do manage to hang on to my deadlines to get my blogs up at...

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Say hello to Dorothy Dreyer (My SISTER'S REAPER), Ty Drago (THE UNDERTAKERS series) and me and get your chance to win an e-reader loaded with paranormal treats!

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CROSSROADS Blog Tour Day 1: Most Wanted Monsters
The CROSSROADS Blog Tour has begun! Find me over at Most-Wanted Monsters  hosted by the amazing Dawn Dalton and Judith Graves! I'm featured along with my Month9Books' housemates, Dorothy Dreyer (MY SISTER'S REAPER) & Ty Drago (THE UNDERTAKERS series). Dorot...

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Meet Us At the Crossroad THIS Sunday, October 20th!
I'm so excited to be on the wonderful Judith Graves' annual Crossroads blog tour this year! Make sure you check out Judith's page for details on the Crossroads blog tour and your chance to win some serious swag and an e-reader loaded with haunting reads! Wh...

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The Agent Thing
This past summer marked three years since I signed with my agent. Sometimes I wonder how she's managed to tolerate my particular neuroses that long, but hey, she knew what she was getting into. After all, a HUGE chunk of her job is to manage authors' career...

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Come Find Me
October is my favorite month. Two of my kidlets are October babies. I was supposed to be but came a bit early, but I have an October soul. It's also a really busy month for me. October 19th, 2013: Super, super important day. The LESS THAN THREE Anti-Bullyin...
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