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The collaborative approach is something that seems to be elusive to many. After reading numerous blogs, it seems even those writers struggle to put together a set of good tips. Collaboration is about team building. It's about discovering and unleashing the ...

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One of Aunt Linda's Kids
It's been a mantra for ages; "Don't do as I do, do as I say." I have watched parents cringe as they fear their children will make the same mistakes they did and try to steer their children in another direction. Not being a parent has put me in an interestin...

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Our tiny fragile seeds - Tomorrow
A seed is little more than a hope for tomorrow. It is tiny and fragile and needs just the right conditions to grow. It grows - tomorrow. Every day we have on this earth is a time to plant seeds. We plant seeds that might grow - tomorrow. But we are also the...

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Force alone cannot sustain a nation
One of the most surprising revelations in the past week was that our military leaders are now fully authorized to use whatever means they deem necessary and simply need to let the Commander in Chief know about it. Meanwhile, foreign policy is really confusi...

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Is Different not quite right?
Old folk songs are the absolute best in my assessment. There are so many variations of presentation. I listen to them and then I sing them in my own way. I hear something else. Often, fellow musicians hear me and I notice a quick odd look, as though that's ...

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"Bait and Switch" - Airline overbooking
If I sell you something I don't actually have and cannot deliver, I risk serious trouble. It could be characterized as fraud, especially if I take your money then tell you I don't have it. If I tried to give you something you didn't actually want in exchang...

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Trickle UP!
"The budget is not just a collection of numbers, but an expression of our values and aspirations." Jacob Lew What values do you see with the current budget proposals and actions? 1) Protection of the environment - CUT (no value, no aspirations) 2) Privacy p...

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The health care legislation, ACHA, that just failed to pass the house of representatives was not going to help anyone I know obtain better health care. No ONE that I know. I know no one who was pointing at provisions in the act and saying it was good for th...

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Step to the plate
There are really good people working everyday to do significant things in our community. If you have ever been one of those people or helping to support those people, you know it requires a lot of work. Every time we take on a project, we don't know what we...

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Let's talk conservative and sustainable
Being conservative is virtuous. We should be conservative in our judgement of others. Civility is a conservative approach. Holding back harsh words is conservative. It reflects pragmatism and an understanding that time often serves a person well in dealing ...
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