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Down Time
Hey all, sorry I've not been posting as of recent, it's been a hectic few weeks with moving, and other things going on (not having WiFi helps...). As you can see from the post before, a new writer has started blogging, so I'd like to welcome Val Woolhouse t...

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Review: SleepBot
It's time to lay down and visit the land of nod, and what do you do? Grab a glass of water, curl up under your quilt and put the crappy alarm clock given to you on your phone? Well, not any more, because there's a new alarm to wake you from your dreams, and...

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Review: Safety Razors; Bristle and Blade
Yes, I know I posted the other week about Shave Kit Razors, and I know I raved on and on about how good they are, and how much of a saving you make when you get them on subscription, however, I've discovered a better, cleaner shave, which overall costs less...

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Progression and the Future
I find myself sat with my daughter, whose napping in her bouncer. On TV, some American crime tat where the most famous person is the murderer is playing, not for any want of entertainment, but as background noise. I'm messaging a couple of friends, and spea...

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Bloggers Wanted
Hey guys and girls! Nothing major, no epic post ranting about anything, but I would like to invite people to take the chance and want to write with me! If anyone is interested (literally anyone), email, and provide the following: ...

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Despite all of the cheer sounding Christmas this year, there has been an absolute tonne of death flowing around. As of writing this, people are just coming to terms with George Michael dying (a really cruel irony), and now we've lost Carrie Fisher; it makes...

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Review: Shave Kit Razors
As a man who loves a clean shave on a regular basis, I find it harder and harder having to justify spending £14 on a pack of four blades for an overpriced piece of metal and plastic, which you can't even open unless you have a razor blade to open the damn p...

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Review: Beyond 14
 Have you ever been so bored you've thought to yourself "I want to play a game matching up numbers?" Neither have I, until I found this little gem on the iOS store that is. Completely free to play, the object of this game is to match numbers, and, well, tha...

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Review: Those Conspiracy Guys Podcast
There's a lot to be said when something captivates you like nothing else, whether it's fine art, sweet music, or a Hollywood blockbuster. Alternatively, something so basic, that can pull at your frontal lobe, and expand your mind can really bring a sense of...

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A Warm Welcome Back
Evening guys! Just a quick one to say, well, I'm back and writing again! My god it's been a long time, and without trying to mess you all around, and give excuses to why I've not been writing, it's simple enough to say I've had some really big changes over ...
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