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Hey, look! The internet!
Hey, look! The internet!

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Just wanted to follow up on my request for demo tips last week.

This past Saturday, I demo'd character creation and gameplay of Fate Core, using Tower of the Serpents as my base.

Beforehand, only one person had expressed interest and my wife said she would play, as well. When I sat down, I had six people who wanted to build characters and play in the game. Caught me a little off-guard.

It was...bumpy. Pretty much everyone at the table had never touched anything outside of traditional-style RPGs before. There was a little Amber experience in there for one or two players but that was about it.

A couple of the people had a lot of trouble wrapping their minds around Aspects but overall it was pretty smooth. The biggest issue we encountered was that one of my players had a lot of trouble wrapping his mind around being a magic user but not having a defined spell list (ex: d20 magic users). I tried framing it as having narrative power to use skills for non-mundane tasks.

Despite the hiccups, there was a lot of interest and people asking me about running again. Thanks for the tips, all!

Looks like I might be demoing Fate Core at the RPGKC Game Day this month. I have never demo'd a game before and, while I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of Fate, I think some advice would be helpful.

Does anyone have any demo scenario tips? How about using one of the Fate Worlds settings for the scenario? Should I just do character creation, use premades for a scenario or combine the two for a full creation/roleplaying scenario?

I will have a 2-4 hour block to do this in. Thanks in advance!

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Hey all! I did a thing!

I participated in this year's GameChef competition! I got some awesome feedback on the game I created and look forward to seeing how it actually plays!

For now, though: my Participation badge!

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Doing GameChef reviews right now! This is really exciting and I am super-happy that I decided to participate this year!

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Hey all!

Here is the near-final form for my submission! If anyone could offer some feedback, I would really appreciate it!

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First time participating!

Here are my initial thoughts. Not much there yet, but I will be continuing to work on it. Any/all feedback is super-welcome!

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Haven't checked it out yet, but I love cyberpunk and if +Fred Hicks gives it a stamp of approval it must be good!

Free, awesome cyberpunk adventure.

From Will Hindmarch, so you already know it's awesome, I don't know why I even had to say that.

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This could be pretty awesome.
Darren Orange the director, Matt Forbeck the writer and Jared Sorensen the creator will discuss InSpectres the movie and its release date.  If you have a question about the release or the film in general please tweet the hash tag #inspectresmovie  and we will do our best to answer them. +Jared Sorensen  +Matt Forbeck  +Darren Orange 

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Well. There is this, then.

Hopefully they worked through some of the...dicier (HA!) mechanics of the system.
This is your 24 hour warning: the #Exalted3 Kickstarter goes live tomorrow (Thursday) at noon. Get ready!
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