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This was created in 1978 at th Seattle cENTER fUN hOUSE TOP FLOOR
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a long time ago
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I also did  a video of this sog
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Scott Ritchie

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Mr Colman Leauthy teaching  me a few important  things about life even brothers are important friends .
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Scott Ritchie

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I think adding a little corn starch and coffee -mate onthe outer surfaces or in a long  bead might make a single match

Scott Ritchie

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Top 10 Saddest Robot Deaths:, a very good list of movies.
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Scott Ritchie

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A way  to a higher Power.

Recycle 3 times! In Old English whenTown Crier's were the news was Published. important Information was falged/

READ 3 Times
"All of the paragraphs containd would be read out Loud  Three Times"

 As you hear a voice outside, "Hear YE, Hear Ye.Hear YE,"

The Crirer takes in a breath bofore continueing 1. ""All of the paragraphs contained would be read out Loud  Three Times"

2. ""All of the paragraphs contained would be read out Loud  Three Times"

3 ""C
but iff you looked at the small piecce of cloth or wooed he was reading From you would see "HY3: All of the paragraphs containd would be read out Loud  Three Times"

The Bible does with Veryily v.. v... Or at the end Say this to the brothers again, and again. Odds are the section was read or said 3 times.
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Scott Ritchie

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when you need the status here is  where i look
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Scott Ritchie

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Displays The Specified Text In A Small Window Containing One Or More Buttons (such As Yes And No).

Msgbox, Text
Msgbox [, Options, Title, Text, Timeout]parameters
Text If All The Parameters Are Omitted, The Msgbox Will Display The Text "press Ok To Continue." Otherwise, This Parameter Is The Text Displayed Inside The Message Box To Instruct The User What To Do, Or To Present Information.

Escape Sequences Can Be Used To Denote Special Characters. For Example, `n Indicates A Linefeed Character, Which Ends The Current Line And Begins A New One. Thus, Using Text1`n`ntext2 Would Create A Blank Line Between Text1 And Text2.

If Text Is Long, It Can Be Broken Up Into Several Shorter Lines By Means Of A Continuation Section, Which Might Improve Readability And Maintainability.
Options Indicates The Type Of Message Box And The Possible Button Combinations.  If Blank Or Omitted, It Defaults To 0. See The Table Below For Allowed Values.

This Parameter Must Be Either A Literal Number Or (in V1.1.06+) A Forced Expression Such As % Options. Any Other Non-blank Value Will Not Be Recognized As This Parameter, But Instead As Part Of Text In The Single-parameter Mode.
Title The Title Of The Message Box Window. If Omitted Or Blank, It Defaults To The Name Of The Script (without Path).  
Timeout (optional) Timeout In Seconds, Which Can Contain A Decimal Point But Is Not An Expression By Default.  In V1.1.06+, This Can Be A Forced Expression Such As % Mins*60.

If This Value Exceeds 2147483 (24.8 Days), It Will Be Set To 2147483.  After The Timeout Has Elapsed The Message Box Will Be Automatically Closed And The Ifmsgbox Command Will See The Value Timeout.

Known Limitation: If The Msgbox Contains Only An Ok Button, Ifmsgbox Will Think That The Ok Button Was Pressed If The Msgbox Times Out While Its Own Thread Is Interrupted By Another.

The Options Parameter Can Be A Combination (sum) Of One Or More Of The Following Values.

Function Decimal Value Hex Value 
Ok (that Is, Only An Ok Button Is Displayed) 0 0x0 
Ok/cancel 1 0x1 
Abort/retry/ignore 2 0x2 
Yes/no/cancel 3 0x3 
Yes/no 4 0x4 
Retry/cancel 5 0x5 
Cancel/try Again/continue (2000/xp+) 6 0x6 
Adds A Help Button (see Remarks Below) 16384 0x4000 
Icon Hand (stop/error) 16 0x10 
Icon Question  32 0x20 
Icon Exclamation 48 0x30 
Icon Asterisk (info) 64 0x40 
Makes The 2nd Button The Default  256 0x100 
Makes The 3rd Button The Default  512 0x200 
System Modal (always On Top) 4096 0x1000 
Task Modal 8192 0x2000 
Always-on-top (style Ws_ex_topmost)
(like System Modal But Omits Title Bar Icon) 262144 0x40000 
Make The Text Right-justified 524288 0x80000 
Right-to-left Reading Order For Hebrew/arabic 1048576 0x100000 

The Table Above Is Used By Adding Up The Values You Wish To Be Present In The Msgbox. For Example, To Specify A Yes/no Box With The Default Button Being No Instead Of Yes, The Options Value Would Be 256+4 (260). In Hex, It Would Be 0x100+0x4 (0x104).

Msgbox Has Smart Comma Handling, So It Is Usually Not Necessary To Escape Commas In The Text Parameter.

To Determine Which Button The User Pressed In The Most Recent Msgbox, Use The Ifmsgbox Command. For Example:

Msgbox, 4,, Would You Like To Continue? (press Yes Or No)
Ifmsgbox Yes
    Msgbox You Pressed Yes.
    Msgbox You Pressed No.the Names Of The Buttons Can Be Customized By Following This Example.

Tip: Pressing Control-c While A Msgbox Window Is Active Will Copy Its Text To The Clipboard. This Applies To All Msgboxes, Not Just Those Produced By Autohotkey.

Using Msgbox With Gui Windows: A Gui Window May Display A Modal Msgbox By Means Of Gui +owndialogs. A Modal Msgbox Prevents The User From Interacting With The Gui Window Until The Msgbox Is Dismissed. In Such A Case, It Is Not Necessary To Specify The System Modal Or Task Modal Options From The Table Above.

When Gui +owndialogs Is Not In Effect, The Task Modal Option (8192) Can Be Used To Disable All The Script's Windows Until The User Dismisses The Msgbox.

The Help Button: When The Help Button Option (83) Is Present In Options, Pressing The Help Button Will Have No Effect Unless Both Of The Following Are True:

The Msgbox Is Owned By A Gui Window By Means Of Gui +owndialogs. 
The Script Is Monitoring The Wm_help Message (0x53). For Example: Onmessage(0x53, "wm_help"). When The Wm_help() Function Is Called, It May Guide The User By Means Such As Showing Another Window Or Msgbox. 
The Close Button (in Msgbox's Title Bar): Since The Msgbox Window Is A Built-in Feature Of The Operating System, Its X Button Is Enabled Only When Certain Buttons Are Present. If There Is Only An Ok Button, Clicking The X Button Is The Same As Pressing Ok. Otherwise, The X Button Is Disabled Unless There Is A Cancel Button, In Which Case Clicking The X Is The Same As Pressing Cancel.

Ifmsgbox, Inputbox, Fileselectfile, Fileselectfolder, Tooltip, Gui

Msgbox This Is The 1-parameter Method. Commas (,) Do Not Need To Be Escaped.
Msgbox, 4, , This Is The 3-parameter Method. Commas (,) Do Not Need To Be Escaped.
Msgbox, 4, , Do You Want To Continue? (press Yes Or No)
Ifmsgbox No
Msgbox, 4, , 4-parameter Method: This Msgbox Will Time Out In 5 Seconds.  Continue?, 5
Ifmsgbox Timeout
    Msgbox You Didn't Press Yes Or No Within The 5-second Period.
Else Ifmsgbox No
; By Preceding Any Parameter With "% ", It Becomes An Expression. In The Following Example,
; Math Is Performed, An Array Element Is Accessed, And A Function Is Called.  All Of These
; Items Are Concatenated Via The "." Operator To Form A Single String Displayed By Msgbox:
Msgbox % "new Width For Object #" . A_index . " Is: " . Restrictwidth(objectwidth%a_index% * Scalingfactor)

; The Following Example Alerts The User That A Msgbox Is Going To Steal Focus (in Case The User Is Typing).
Splashtexton,,, A Msgbox Is About To Appear.
Sleep 3000
Msgbox The Backup Process Has Completed.
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Went out hunting rocks to climb, with a new friend in Christ Our Lord
Follower of Saint of Francis way to follow Jesus Christ


Seattle Area Live Music at
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Sandstone FCI is very Close to the Kettle River outside of Sandstone, MN the turn off is about 1/4 mile past the bridge crossing the Kettle River as you head east on Highway 23
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