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Hello guys, so I've just join the beta tester today. Can someone provide s link to the app. Checking on the playstore and the app is not available in your country. Thanks

So I got this bug recently. Whenever I open Disa, the app just close like I'm exiting Disa but I was just opening it few seconds ago to check any new message or anything but Disa decided to quit. Happens 3-4 times before Disa finally stabilize itself.

On Nexus 5 4.2.2 and Dalvik( not ART)

Got to say, the battery has definitely improve on 4.4.2

Just receive 4.2.2 update. Came from 4.4 and I wonder why I didn't receive 4.4.1 and last two day, my Nexus 10 receive the 4.4.2 so yup. Skipping 4.4 1 and straight to 4.4.2 as it got bug fix and the important thing, the camera fix which is from 4.4.1 update.

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+Ahmad Asraf Hashim I don't know what you mean but here's some picture of what I say before on my other post

Surprise surprise. Got a notification from photos. It show me a video made by auto awesome, guess what? It's awesome. Love the new feature and looking forward for more option to be available to auto awesome 

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Okay, here are some screenshot that shows my Nexus 5 having a regular Google search app, no Google now on sight
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Finally. White 32GB. Got one from eBay.

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I'm missing the feature which let you customize notification ringtone for SMS , whatsapp and hopefully for other. Currently Disa only support one notification ringtone for its unified app.

So if Disa can set different notification ringtone for each, that would be great like SMS use a pixie dust notification while whatsapp use an MP3 song 
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