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Sharnel Raymond

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If you think a mostly empty train car is too good to be true during rush hr are right. It would be on the hottest day if the year that there would be no AC. #sweatfest

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There is something enchanting about a bare tree with snow dripping off if

Homeless guy sign: "Homeless and blah blah blah". Feel like I should give him money if for nothing else but ingenuity #ijs

best news ever!! Going to international convention!! #metlifestadium

How is it I'm freezing inside 14th train station? #norefuge #polarvortex

Not every day u can say it's getting warmer @ 0 degrees #hibernation #boutthatbearlife

Btwn mta and headphones I feel a rant coming on but I will just say...never expect to make a 40 minute trip n less than an hour and a half. And don't expect headphones to work after a month. #ridiculous #seeingred #justsaying

Ppl who come on trains w a heavy fleece sweater during these hot summer days and sits next to you and transfers all their hotness on u...smh #justsaying

Dis woman had (bear w me here): 6 studs and one earring in EACH ear, 1 in da nose and 7 on her fingers. Nice to meet u overkill #goldrush
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