Are You Struggling With The DARK SIDE?

Everyone has a dark side - without it our good side can not shine. For the good in us to rise to the surface, we need to conquer the bad. That is how we grow as human beings. But sometimes this balance goes out the window. How do you know when the dark side has gripped you? FEAR. You fear new opportunities rather than embrace them. You are unhappy with something, yet, fear changing it. You might even tell yourself that change and success is something that happens to other people. If you feel this, you know you have been gripped by the darker side. So what should you do? Take the power back. Close your eyes and visualize a black and white angel in your head. Talk to the black angel, tell her why she needs to take a back seat. Thank her for her words of caution, but tell her it is time for her friend, the white angel, to lead. Every time you tell yourself you can’t do something, visualize your white angel flapping her wings and soaring into the air.

Say: “I can do this. I am meant to expand and experience life. I allow my white angel to dominate”.
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