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Sarah Deming
Author, yoga teacher, boxing coach
Author, yoga teacher, boxing coach

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Overcoming Failure
Thanks to boxer/scholar Ethan Munoz for this excellent essay, which won him scholarship money for college. Overcoming Failure “And your winner by split decision is…..coming out of the blue corner!”  I stood in the ring, in front of an audience of around 75 ...

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Never Be Mine by Maverick Deen
This is the first rap song from boxer Muhammad Deen, 17, a student at Victory Collegiate High School. We think Deen has a bright future, whether he chooses to pursue fighting, writing, or music! Deen writes: During the course of life, some discover the key ...

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Slavery to the American Dream
Our condolences to beautiful Aaliyah and family on the loss of her mother. Here's a great college paper Aaliyah worked on in our tutoring center: In this paper I will discuss John Locke’s views on government and society and how they connect with two major p...

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The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized
Thanks to boxer Athol Dempster, soon to graduate from Baruch, for sharing this excellent paper with us . It's a close reading of a poem blogged by rapper Lupe Fiasco a day after the death of Gil Scot Heron. Athol Dempster English 3201 “R.I.P. Gil-Scott Hero...

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Five Atlas Cops and Kids Boxers in Olympic Trials
The Atlas Cops and Kids boxing team had a stellar showing in Memphis this October at the US women’s Olympic Trials and men’s qualifying tournament. Four of our young men will advance to the men’s Olympic Trials in Reno, Nevada.  (Left to right: Nkosi, Nick,...

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The Best Thing About Being a Boxer
My name is Nyisha Goodluck. I’m 21 years old, and I’m a female boxer from Atlas Cops & Kids. Almost every time when I’m on my way to the gym, strangers notice my equipment, and they always ask what’s my reason to be a fighter.  For a long time I hung out wi...

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Men Don't Cry
Meet Chiquito, puncher, poet, and beautiful soul. Chiquito found Atlas Cops and Kids through Coach Aureliano Sosa, who helped him take his aggressive boxing to the next level. Last year he won the Daily News Golden Gloves in the 132-pound novice class. He m...

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How Boxing Changed My Life
Josh,  age 15      I was with one of my friends from my old high school Clara Barton. We decided to  get high and then go to this boxing gym that he’d been telling me about because he saw that I had handwraps. So we went by one of my bro’s houses from my ol...

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The Golden Boys
This Wednesday at the Barclays Center six of our young people will step into the ring to fight for the Golden Gloves championships. Elijah and I caught up with them in between rounds to ask a few questions about boxing and life... Name: Nick Scaturchio Weig...

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Mongoose Creed
Bruce "Shu Shu" Carrington will fight for the 123-pound novice title next week at the Barclays Center. He's also applying for the George Horowitz scholarship to further his education. Sometimes I have to help our boxers quite a lot with essays, but Shu Shu ...
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