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Marlon Dequito
Author, Entrepreneur, Adventurer and Philanthropist
Author, Entrepreneur, Adventurer and Philanthropist

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Home Sellers - Home Improvements vs. Home Remodeling (Chicago suburban homes)
There’s this line in a song that few may have heard of and it goes like this, “the harm of words is sometimes we don’t quite know what they really mean…” – excerpts from “These Ordinary Days” by Jars of Clay. The artist couldn’t be any more correct when he ...

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Millennial’s, Home Buying, Naperville (IL)
Millennial’s, Home Buying, Naperville (IL) shows an indication of low demand in the real estate market, but it’s not just in Illinois that this is happening, the real estate demand fell by 1% in January 2016 compared to 31% back in November 2015 across the ...

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Top 10 Wedding Venues That You Need To Consider When In Samui, Koh Samui
Thailand has been unanimously voted by expats and travel enthusiasts as one of the top 100 tourist hotspots in the world, and it is also one of the top wedding venues for couples who plan to settle down and get married. The white sandy beaches and the turqu...

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Top Ten Movies of 2015 That Will Make You and Your Wallet Happy
Another great year has passed for the movie industry yet 2015 is shaping up to become one of the most loved and memorable years for movie-goers, fans, and enthusiasts alike. Many might feel like that these movies will literally blow a hole through their lea...

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Benefits of Adding Landscaping to your Commercial Property
They say that people often pass judgement on almost anything they interact with based on superficial constructs. It is commonly known as “the first impression,” and all first impressions become the common denominator, meaning all future assessment of a pers...

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Travelling Through The Mediterranean Coast
Along the coasts of three different continents namely- Europe, Asia and Africa lies the best Mediterranean spots one could ever imagine. It offers thrills for a venture of escape to historic predicaments to a night-spot romance with a perfect climate to set...

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Read my new historical fantasy novel here!

It's time to put this intelligence to the ultimate test!

All-Electric Vehicles..... :)

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Five Things That People Want From Movies
What are you looking for in movies? Is it the story? The action sequences and the special effects? Or how it affects you in a way that you become emotionally invested in the characters in the movie? Are these simply your expectations, or will you go home an...
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