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FINALLY-it's time to share this circle:'s called:- COOL BOOK

After months of google plussing I realized tonight was the night to share this circle.

This circle is particularly special to me cos it is a collection of people that I added because I really liked a post or maybe it was just something you said on a topic that I am fond of. Anyway you are all cool in my book!!

Please add this circle and share.....

#bestsharedcircles #jyoticircles #jyotifavourites
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Hey man, that's great!! Hashtags have improved my navigation round my stuff considerably. For some ideas or help when I'm not about visit my profile for useful tags like: #jyotihelp There you'll see how I've used them..... :)
Honoured to be a part of the "cool book" +Jyoti Evans
insatiably curious how I got there ;-)
If you ended up here it's cos you said something wise, interesting, controversial, lovingly or straight up rude in a very classy way. :D +Becky Cox
Thanks +Chris Lion and return thanks for sharing your "in crowd" circle a while back. :)
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