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One of the all time favourite sayings for me-
Thank you +Cynthia Parrott !!!

#jyotifavourites #sayings #best
And tomorrow, we will be even closer

Have a wonderful night my dear Google+'ers. Thanks for the love, the side-splitting laughter, the inspiration and all the heart-felt and thought provoking topics that make Google+ the wonderful place that it is.

Sleep Well. Dream Big.
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Do you want to join us?
Nice picturs. thank you very much.
do you go far away?
Almost overwhelming at the right time .
thank you for nice commet.
you are free right now. thank you very much.
Wow, you guys sharing this moment. As the ripples of affection echoe.... ♡
thank you good my friend. i like you very much. you are always free. please come to us, i am waiting for you.
Do you go far somewhere? do as you like.
You are Free you are outside now. please come to us agein.
we are waiting for you.
I'm staying bro, I don't know where you're going bro. I hope there's no misunderstanding. I must keep my feet on the ground and look towards the target.
which is money, woman, freedom family. One love brother
As far as unifying our conciousness with a though that will open our mind- yeh I'm up that. So I mean no offence.
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