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Cool! Plastic eating! more than cool.

FULL ARTICLE- Published findings from Yale are here:

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We should probably get rid of this immediately. Shoot out to space or somefing. ok unfunny
We should offer spoors of the fungus to consumers so that individuals can put the spoor into a metal trash container specifically for plastics
They'll probably try to produce a chemical/drug equivalent, market it and use to help to destroy non-organic activists or something obsurd. Not sure where I'm going with this....
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Are you a non-organic activist?
No I am just anti tree hugging hippies, hahaha
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Yes, yes it does... too bad you are on the other side of the "pond"!
Mmmm yeh it is. I was just checking your profile. You are a hippy aren't you, or a naughty witch...
Not a hippy.... hmmmm more into Voodun than witchcraft... heh. Now how did you come to that conclusion... I'm not holding a bloody chicken right now, haha!
That is interesting I'm into a bit of shamanism myself. Well cos of the tarot mentionings
OH oh yes yes I play the tarot and erect charts. Nice which sorts of Shamanism? I mean from which country as there are so many
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Wow we wrote those two messages simultaneously. Click! Nice one babe I look forward to it sweet lady... and I'll explain about the shamanism too
cool ,, if they eat PUR in anaerobic environment ,, what do they crap i'm hoping methane cuz if they do . . . . . .
+barqzr davi Very interesting point. Do you think the bi-product of this might be damaging, cos surely there is a bi-product? I don't know does there have to be waste? And are you suggesting that this bacteria might only survive in a healthy environment with oxygen and thus won't be effective contained??
no, it is an anaerobe but that makes it useful most , anaerobic hydrocarbon eating bacteria , shit methane , useful in generating bio-gas ... a fungi would add another stream for waste utilization +Jyoti Evans
+barqzr davi ...but isn't that bio-gas harmful to the ozone or am I getting my facts mixed up??
Well if the bi-product was methane couldn't that be utilized as a source of fuel?
i worked in india in the 70s and family scale biogas generators literally revolutionized subsistence lifestyle in areas where there was no more wood etc to burn
Yes sure could babe! Actually I hadn't though of that. Not just a pretty face... or am I just stupid? :p
No you are not stupid, ha. This will be my third attempt to post in here. In order to turn a solid waste into a gas it needs to go through a digestive tract to be broken down. I am not too sure about the biology of a fungi.. soooo?
Would there be any emissions at all?
Yes I am curious too.. what I do know about fungi is they reproduce through spores also some sort of root style networking system that reproduces itself. The do emit a "powder" for lack it's proper term.
ah fuouock notifications out of order bouncing around ,, missing whole conversations aaaaRRRGGGhhhh
but true,,,!! +Monica Jolly yeast and ergot , both fungi , come to think of it Psilocybin = fungi also
But that didn't really answer anything... dang it!
I'm loving this!! Thanks +barqzr davi and +Monica Jolly...
I'm an expert in dry-rot from big building jobs. Now that is probably the most amazing funghi although I'm not an expert in any others. Derrrr Mmmmm........ok then
I will tell you this +Jyoti Evans , we have mold in Phoenix,,, red, black, green, orange... after wet and dry rot... The most interesting thing about these molds is they feed off of bleach.
So essentially this mold on plastics could really turn the earth into a fertile ground for plants.... and make composting even better as plastics could be added.. VOILA!!!
True true +barqzr davi but I have seen many a mold grow in compost to add to the flavor.... I do not see why this couldn't be added in to revitalize soil in many different regions???? Or am I totally off base here?
Raaassclat!! You are full of knowledge +Monica Jolly. I will come back to this.... (need a coffee)
Ha I am on coffee too!! Yes I just perused the article and fungi is a large component of composting and of course our ever friendly worms!!
mian thing going on in rich compost is bacteria breaking c=n bonds in proteins creating nitrogen cmpds that are then usable by plants
Well darn the article does not say what the fungi converts the matter into... I will presume methane since it is lumped in there with Mr. Worm making manure??
Yes yes,, the article I posted puts it all in order.. but fungi is in the process,,, which it would then be easy to introduce this plastic eating fungi into composts and that would lessen the waste factor in land fills by possibly 95%! Now I really want to get my hands on this stuff!!
thats why i say if they anaerobes and poop methane then you couls seed them in existing landfills and they could work alongside bacteria but using different carbon source ie. plastics while the bacteria eat the cellulosic carbon +Monica Jolly
nitey nite kidz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
+barqzr davi exactly. Of course I was thinking on a personal level just at my house. I would not even create any waste for a land fill at all if I had this genius little fungi running round my compost heap, tee hee!
Hmmmm Methinks +Jyoti Evans fell into his coffee cup? Drats I was having so much fun bouncing around the brain cells!!!
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