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Mary Rogers
Genealogist, all around researcher and Crocehter
Genealogist, all around researcher and Crocehter

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All in for Better Research
Well, it is already week 5 of the genealogy do-over. The topics this week are: Building a Research Toolbox Citing Sources Building a Research Toolbox What is a research toolbox? Why is it important? How do we
build it? These are the questions that popped in...

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Weeks 3 and 4 in Do-Over Land
Learning new research skills    Well this has been all about teaching an old dog
new tricks. My learning curve has been very steep this month. But finally, the
struggle to tweak my research habits has shown some success.   My old modus operandi for genealog...

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Genealogy Do-Over Week 2
Time to do a self- interview, family interviews and set research goals. The Self-Interview Self Interview    I started
by listing my facts, date of birth, marriage information etc. I
discovered it is hard to just list facts about yourself and not expound on...

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Genealogy Do-Over Week One
It has been an interesting first week of the Genealogy Do-Over . As I was starting to organize my digital files, my nine year old computer decided to call it quits. Problems had been cropping up but moving and merging files was too much for it, I guess. One...

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Genealogy Do-Over
   Genealogy Do-Over     As 2015 begins, I have decided to participate in Thomas MacEntee's  Genealogy Do-Over. It will be like spring cleaning in January.      I inherited research done by a second cousin. Her research, done in the 1950's and 1960's, using...

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Amazing DNA
    In a previous post I told the story of my father and his birth. He and his twin were born in Ft. Myers, Florida in 1924. Their parents were not married to each other. The twins were removed from their mother by the state of Florida in November 1925. In ...

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My Newbern Ancestors
   My great great grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Newbern. She
first appears on the census in 1850. She is listed with her parents and
siblings in Madison County, Florida. 1850 census in the
11 th Division, Madison County, Florida Thomas Newbern 45 Martha 40...

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Who was John Wesley Martin's First Wife
   Another mystery in John Wesley Martin’s life is the identity
of his first wife. According to his daughter, his wife’s name was Mary Pollock.   John and Mary had two children together.
The oldest was my great grandfather, Joseph Edward Martin born in 1866...

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Who were John Wesley Martin's parents?
John Wesley Martin, my 2nd great grandfather was born in Georgia and raised his family in Jefferson County, Florida. His parents have been a brick wall on the family tree until now.      My cousin, Elsie Peddie, researched our shared family
beginning in the...

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A Conner Family Mystery
What happened to William and Daniel Conner? James Smith Conner 1816 (GA)-1896 (FL) and Mary
Vanzant 1832 (GA)-1919 (FL), my great grandparents, were living in Nassau
County, Florida, when they decided to move farther south. 1870
census Nassau County Florida...
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