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It's Election Day! Go vote. Follow the link to find your polling place.

One day before the election, do you know where your polling place is?

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The latest edition of the Open Local Illinois Report is out!

We are happy to announce Open Local Illinois is now recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a public charity!

Check out the live stream of the Wauconda Board of Trustees meeting tomorrow evening.

The residents in Wauconda, part of the community group Of Wauconda For Wauconda are continuing their live stream of the meetings.

Village of Wauconda Meeting September 2nd Live Feed

A good piece of legislation from Springfield. A new law in Illinois makes it a class 4 felony to hide or destroy public records in Illinois.

It will be interesting to see if prosecutions take place under the law.

An interesting issue taking shape in the suburb of Franklin Park.

While it is true the electoral board is established by state statute. A significant conflict of interest exists when those making the decision are affected by the result.

While some municipalities have made the decision to remove their red light cameras in light of recent events. The Village of Franklin Park has decided to add a new one, and to conduct a study later.

Officials should release the red light camera contract online to add some transparency to the process, or would that be asking for too much.
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