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Is it just me... Or is it sad - just pathetic - that a single player sandbox game like GTA is better designed for multiplayer role play than mmos that have been released in the last couple of years.

The MMO genre as a whole has done this weird shift towards pvp ever since wow... And if you ask me if makes those games less and less of an MMO as time goes on. Wow is more of a one hour wonder in my opinion, it did gather a rather large following but the people who try to bring aspects of it to their mmos just end up making poor copies and that's it.

If developers would focus on actually creating a world to play in, instead of just trying to get as large a following as possible... I honestly think they'd get a better response to their work.

I still remember in March of 2012 when arenanet claimed they were developing a world that would constantly evolve, I was overjoyed. I would really love it if a development team could make that promise a reality... Because while new content is an important aspect of that promise - so much of the game world in gw2 had been neglected and unchanged over the last 3 years that their promise will likely never get fulfilled.

I've never been into GTA style games, fantasy is much more appealing to me... But if no one is going to make a decent MMO I might have to check it out. 

So I actually took the time to read (or rather tried to read) a heavily edited transcript from the Rush Limbaugh show concerning the topic of net neutrality. And it brought up some interesting (although much undeveloped) points. It would be rather interesting to see where things go from here...

I mean if - IF for example, ISPs were forced to block websites from being viewed that weren't officially licensed (seeing as the big hulabaloo is all about unnecessary regulations)... Then basically we are facing a new age of censorship. Yeah I can see things taking a long process to get there officially... But when useful things on the Internet do get licensed and are available for viewing - the only thing we'd be missing out on are the illegal sites (ie the Pirate Bay or child porn and other things that generally aren't supposed to be available to the public).

Then there's the whole 'equality' viewpoint. He gives a comparison of political views and how they would be skewed, saying that when too many people resort to a media outlet such as fox news... Eventually to make things equal the ISPs would be forced to redirect others to sources such as MSNBC. This issue could cause some problems - but those aren't honestly concerns of the consumers. If someone was to make a Google query about "the cons of net neutrality" they'd be more interested in getting answers from any source - because an answer to that question needs a response from both political sides in order to be fully informative. All I can see as a result is people learning how to make better searches.

And as far as retaining viewers (or for those only interested in hearing one side of the story) apps can be developed whereby people can share and read what their secluded minds can handle. You don't have to use the Web for everything - and if you wanted to go the distance and license a website you could easily do just the same with an app. There's really no argument for retaining consumers to your services, and censorship can be a bad thing but it also serves a purpose (when wielded responsibly).

I'm definitely all ears to more of the possible pros and cons - however I do believe I'm done trying to decipher the half-developed, opinionated attempts to persuade me I don't know anything about the subject that is the source of all evil in the world... ie anything spoken by Rush Limbaugh. 

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After reading this article about leaked details concerning blizzards cancelled mmo project titan... I'm glad it was cancelled. The company cancelled it because they "couldn't find the fun" and lacked passion to work on it. Well maybe that's because they took the rpg element out? The Sims and second life aren't role playing games - they're simulators people have adapted to use in role playing situations... So if you try and make a game like it then add a story no one will care.

It's just like the story added to minecraft - there's no need for it, people play to create stuff and if they want survive zombies... No one cares about anything else because it's not meant to be an rpg. Project titan seems like the only thing they wanted to do was release a game that captured elements from every market out there so they had the most massive cash shop possible.

MMO games just don't exist anymore... When you slap that title on a game all you're saying is here is where you can go to play games with an insane amount of other players. None of them require teamwork to accomplish anything , none require strategy, it's just morphing to be more like shooters in the fact that as long as you point and click, you can win.

When will there be a company willing to make a real game again?
This is what Blizzard's canceled MMO could have been.

Saw a trailer for the newest bioware mmo coming out. Shadow something or other... Gotta say I'm quite a bit saddened by the news of it.

I understand that people, many of them, enjoy pvp content... But the fact that all mmos are headed in such a direction where the only content is such is a horrible idea. Mmos were established to pit groups of players up against content that required teamwork to get past (whether it be in dungeon form or storyline content)... And that is consistently being drained away from the genre.

Guild wars 2 is another example of this trend... There's nothing left to do in that game now aside from pvp, unless you count the 'episodic' content release that well, you don't actually get to play because everyone is constantly doing it and spamming everything they've got taking the whole cooperative game play aspect of of the mmo yet again.

I love content updates, and arenanet is providing plenty of quality material. The problem with it is the time restraint because I'll never get to actually try playing it as it is set up now. Bioware is planning to use that same 'episodic' model for their content too which means the same problems will arise in that game...

In short, I wish there was more story and less spam... I wish that mmos would return to focusing on what can be accomplished by a team rather than who can defeat the most human opponents. It would just really be nice to see an actual mmo developed again sometime. 

You know what #guildwars2 could really use? Tiered renown hearts. They do tiers for the monthly - I really don't understand why they don't ever upgrade the actual game itself. "Here's some new content you can play for a month" Isn't nearly as attractive as a game where a month or two after you help out the citizens something goes wrong and they need help again.

There's a trading post in Queensdale for example, you clean it up and attack centaurs on the path blocking trade. Why not have a second tier to that heart where a month after completion... Centuars have attacked a significant convoy and you have to go retrieve supplies.

One of the promises when guild wars 2 launched was an evolving world... Sure they have season 2 of a multiplayer storyline coming out - but that doesn't nearly match the criteria of the original claim. I love a good story, but the fact I have to do 80 percent of it with 30 some odd people in order to accomplish anything waters it down to much.

Not to mention creating tiers for the renown hearts would also provide a much better reason for people to return to older zones. I could see an overachiever (or something along those lines) title for having completed the whole world twice over. Doing so would actually make those npcs more than a one shot deal that no one really cares about.

Basically arenanet hasn't been doing a bad job... But I really feel like they're going the wrong direction with all their updates. It's not fulfilling in the least. Perhaps sometime in the future I will be able to enjoy jumping back into the game but for now it's nothing but a way to kill time... And if that's all I'm doing there's just much better ways to do that lol.

+Guild Wars 2

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Interesting graphics. 

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The problem with companies like this one... is that rather than defend themselves against untrue statements with evidence - they target the source of their stress and attempt to bully them into submission.

If at first the attempt was made to clarify any issues and help the consumer see that taking down his post was the right thing to do I would have no issue with them. I do however hope, that this company falls into ruin as a result of their actions. I understand the human element - the jobs that will be lost as a result... But until such time as companies stop taking the wrong steps to begin with an example needs to be made!

You don't just up and threaten consumers for having differences of opinion. Try to help them see their mistakes first - and then if they refuse to see evidence of their wrongdoing THEN take legal action.

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Hell yeah about time there was a quality free game. 
The next Unreal Tournament will be free to play, made in Unreal Engine 4.

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Once you read the first bullet point you've read the entire article... The author needs to learn how to better assemble his writings but the point made is very good.

Customer retention has its benefits but in the end the abrasive ones detract from the time you can spend with the ones you actually want to come back again. Let competitors handle the assholes and your experience as well as your business will improve.

Just don't let your employees get out of hand either...

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Of the more informative articles I've read on the subject so far...
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