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On TTT Wed. 7.18 - 4PM ET/1PM PT (Earlier than usual), join +Denise VanBriggle +Kym Sheehan+Rex Veeder, and +Daniel Glick who will tell us more about a film project called "A Place to Stand." You can join the conversation at - Again notice the early start time -  

On a recent post on the National Writing Project's Connect Denise and Kym write:

_"A Place to Stand" is a documentary film ( about New Mexico poet Jimmy Santiago Baca and his transformation in the 1970s from an illiterate convict to a celebrated poet. Since his release, Jimmy has become one of the foremost Mexican American poets in America._ 

We're not viewing this as just a film. For us, this is about service. Jimmy’s memoir and poetry have inspired prisoners to leave gangs, drug addicts to stay clean, and countless others to dramatically shift the course of their lives. A Place to Stand will make his inspiring story and poetry available to many who would never find it otherwise. Free copies will be given to detention centers, prisons and schools for at-risk youth, coupled with programming designed to help people find in themselves what Jimmy found through his poetry: a place to stand in life, a sense of self-worth, and a reason to live.

_If you are interested in supporting this film about Jimmy Santiago Baca's poetry, visit

Find out more about Jimmy Santiago Baca's life and poetry and this Kickstarter project on +Teachers Teaching Teachers at at 4PM ET / 1PM PT.
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