Join +Teachers Teaching Teachers in Minecraft on Wed. 4.18.12 at 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific / World Times: .

We'll be Livecasting from +Joel Levin's/@MinecraftTeachr's server with +Liam O'Donnell /@liamodonnell, +Chad Sansing /@chadsansing, +Diana Maliszewski /@MzMollyTL and +Denise Colby /@Niecsa. Join us.

Watch at and make fun of us in the chat as +Paul Allison and +monika hardy learn first-hand what's so engaging about Minecraft!

(Also any volunteers? We have another slot open for anybody who wants to join us. Just comment on this post or email Paul at

Consider this an "in-world" follow-up to these TTT episodes: and And also 21st Century Learning's recent interview with Joel Levin:

Should be fun!
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