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Communication in communities

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Corporate employee communication--is it going away or being consolidated into another function? That observation kicked off the IABC Circle of Fellows videocast talking about how to increase relevance. The dialogue bounces from counseling roles, holistic skills, business knowledge, the employee experience, budgets, change communication management, values your brand stands behind, trust, the importance of peer-to-peer communication, career path, to channel options. In other words, something for anyone in this circle. Take a look and learn, and please leave your perspective in a comment! Let's continue this conversation.

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The image we chose to share on Google+ is important, we know. This article points out the importance of the image you use to share a video. It certainly relates to getting employees to click and view and image on your intranet. Do you take these things into consideration when you look at your video click-thrus?

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Trust is falling just about everywhere, and that has huge implications for employee communication. The winner--if we can call one--seems to be per-to-peer communication. How do you create an environment for communication among and between employees?

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+Rachel Miller wrote an interesting post about the history of internal communication, a topic I feel like I've lived. Particularly interesting: a BBC broadcast on the topic. Enjoy.

Do you take video submissions from employees to package as news/features through a tool like Seenit? How is it working for you? Would appreciate hearing about your experience. Thanks.

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Employees might want pay attention to your communication and act on it, but their brains are too busy. To overcome the intent-behavior gap, focus on strategies that activate the good intentions that already exist in most people.

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Deliver meaning. One can always extract wisdom from communication guru Roger D'Aprix. Here's a thought I like from this speech: "...the crucial need for a purposeful shaping of company messages and answers if we are to help address today’s workplace ambiguity."

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Looking for a communication home?

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It takes more than "positioning" a message to drive behavior in your employee communication. So says history and research. What's your experience?
What's your experience with being able to improve productivity and moral with employee communication? Here's why story and research say you don't--at least alone.
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