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BETT JO FERGUSON is refusing to let me speak to my daughter JOLIZA MONET FERGUSON. Though she has custody and is receiving help from the county she need to follow the law.I pay child support even went to jail when I couldn't pay due to illness and hospital stays.Once the court got involved this grandmother dissapeared,moved,changed her phone etc.I have worked hard to comply with all the court orders and have won some of my rights back.PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY MISSING CHILD´╗┐

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Grandmother is hidding my 16year old daughter who she has custody off.Though I pay child support she has went into bidding.Yes I lost custody years OK but I have met all the guide lines mandated by the court.She has hung up on the lawyer of my child and refused to give her contact info.please help me FIND MY DAUGHTER. I can't do nothing cuz I live in via. I can't afford a pi,Please help´╗┐

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