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Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Lahore

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Hair removal laser in lahore Pakistan

Hair removal laser cost in lahore, Pakistan ranges from 5 to 10 thousand for face per session. We offer laser session from 4 to 6 thousand. Lasers are treatment of choice for removing hairs from face & different body parts. Laser hair removal requires multiple sessions. Average 5 to 8 sessions required.

Response of hair removal laser is variable. Those patients with dark hair benefit more than brown hair.Total body hair removal with laser is also available.

Laser hair removal treatment cost in Lahore Pakistan
Laser hair removal
For hair removal laser appointment 03445203650 , whatsapp, IMO. or for free online consultation click here.
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Types of Facelift

It could be either surgical or non surgical.

Surgical facelift types

Surgical facelift has more durable results than non surgical techniques. Its results may last more than 10 years.

Mini facelift involves lifting of face with minimal or short incision. It is sometimes called MACS lift or minimal invasive craniofacial suspension.
Full facelift also called traditional facelift .
face & neck lift
Non Surgical Facelift types

Facelift can be achieved without surgery. It has short downtime & recovery period.

Liquid facelift with fillers, Botox & fat graft.
facelift with PRP therapy or Vampire facelift
thread lift
facelift with lasers
Facelift cost in Pakistan

Facelift cost in Lahore, Pakistan ranges from 50 thousand to 2 lac rupees depending upon type of facelift (Surgical or non surgical). Mini facelift cost ranges from 85 thousand to 1 lac 25 thousand. Full facelift surgery may cost 1 lac 30 thousand to 2 lac 50 thousand in Lahore, Pakistan. But we offer discount package for mini face lift from 65 to 85 thousand & full facelift from 1 lac to 1lac 35 thousand.

Non surgical facelift cost ranges from 30 to 60 thousand depending upon specific procedure.Vampire facelift session cost is around 25 thousand to 35 thousand.

Facelift Surgery

Facelift surgery takes 3 to 4 hours depending upon type of surgery( mini or full). Procedure is mostly performed in local anaesthesia with or without sedation. Recovery is quick with in 2 weeks. Dressing is kept for 5 days. And stitches are removed at 5th day. Painkiller are usually needed for 2 to 3 days.

Non Surgical Facelift

Non surgical facelift takes 30 to 45 minutes for complete procedure. It has quick downtime of 1 to 2 days. No incisions, stitches or dressing needed.

Side effects

Side effects include

Swelling of face which may last for 1 to 2 weeks
Haematoma or small collection of blood.
Bruising or redness especially with non surgical procedures
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Otoplasty cost in Pakistan

Otoplasty cost in Pakistan, Lahore ranges from 75 thousands to 1 lac rupees. We offer ear reshaping surgery cost of 50 to 60 thousand in Pakistan. This otoplasty price is inclusive of hospital , operation theatre charges. To book now contact 03445203650 in Pakistan . International 00923445203650.

Side Effects of Otoplasty

It is relatively safe surgery under local anaesthesia. It has recovery period of one week. After surgery stitches are removed after 7 to 10 days. Main side effects include pain & swelling which are easily controlled with painkillers. Head band need to worn for few weeks after surgery.
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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty cost In Pakistan, Lahore

Non surgical rhinoplasty cost in Pakistan Lahore varies depending type of filler. And type of result u want.

Temporary or Permanent?

Average cost internationally around 700 $ according to realself statistics. While we offer only at half of mentioned cost.

If u want rhinoplasty surgery, check details here.

Side Effects

Non surgical nose job is a very safe procedure with very few side effects generally. Redness & swelling can occur for few days.
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Rhinoplasty cost in Pakistan, Lahore

Rhinoplasty cost in Pakistan, Lahore around 1 lac 25 thousands to 2 lacs in most cosmetic surgery centres. But we offer rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery at lower cost. Nose job Cost is determined by amount of correction needed. We offer average rhinoplasty cost around 75 thousands at much more discounted rates . For details about nose job cost in Pakistan, Lahore contact now 03445203650. Or Free online consultation about nose job cost.

Rhinoplasty in Lahore Pakistan
Ideal nose shape/ Rhinoplasty in Pakistan *
Candidates of Rhinoplasty

nose job or nose reshaping plastic surgery is indicated for cosmetic & functional problems

Cosmetic problems include nose tip problems like deviated or depressed tip, nasal hump , fatty nose.

Functional problems include difficulty in breathing due to deviated nasal septum DNS.

Nose reconstruction may be indicated following trauma or fall or cleft lip.

Rhinoplasty in Lahore
Nose deformities/ rhinoplasty in Lahore *
Rhinoplasty Surgery Side effects

Most common side effect of nose job / Rhinoplasty is long downtime for recovery.

Swelling occurs after rhinoplasty, most of which goes away after 3 weeks. But final results may takes few months.

while other side effects include pain, numbness for few days.
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Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is important part of plastic surgery to deal with variety of problems like congenital defects, trauma, cancer or disease. Reconstruction of body parts including breast, face defects, limbs & perineum may be required. We offer full range of reconstructive surgery including microsurgery free flaps in Lahore Pakistan.

Types of Reconstructive Surgeries

Reconstructive surgery in Pakistan, Lahore
Reconstructive Surgery Face Before & after
1.Breast Reconstruction

2. Hand trauma including nerve , tendon injuries

3. Face Trauma of soft tissues like eyelids, facial nerve, eyebrows, cheeks & face scars.

4. Burn management including burn scars management

5. Facial palsy treatment

6. Nose, lip, eyelid & ear reconstruction

7. Brachial plexus injuries

8. Lower limb coverage

9. Head & neck cancer

10. Skin cancer

11. Cleft lip & palate treatment

12. Eyelid Ptosis13. Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

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Tummy Tuck cost in Pakistan

Tummy tuck cost in Pakistan, Lahore is 6 to 8 times less than european countries like UK, Middle east. It depends upon types of abdominoplasty whether mini or full abdominoplasty. Surgical cost of tummy tuck offered by us is around 75 thousands rupees. while hospital charges, Anaesthesia, recovery room & private room stay for 2 days can cost around 60 thousands. Compression garment & belt is also used. Overall cost around 1 lac 50 thousand.

To book appointment & consultation

Call now 03445203650 for Abdominoplasty cost in Pakistan

Mini Tummy tuck at much lower cost offered by our centre.

00923445203650 International , whatsapp, viber & IMO contact can also be made


Side effects

Main side effects of tummy tuck include seroma formation or wound healing problems especially if more abdominal skin is removed. Swelling can also last for few weeks.

Before & After

Tummy tuck in Pakistan, Lahore
Before & after photo *
Tummy tuck cost in Pakistan, Lahore
full vs mini abdominoplasty
Tummy tuck before & after
Tummy tuck before & after photo *
* Pictures are for patients educational purpose, similar results not guaranteed.

Abdominoplasty Consultation

Consult with consultant plastic surgeon Dr Saleem, now free of cost online. click free online consultation Tummy tuck.

Interested in weight loss? visit our blog how to loose weight, or liposuction or gastric balloon. Get idea of tummy tuck cost in Pakistan Lahore by sending picture by email or whatsapp.
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Gastric Balloon cost in Pakistan

Gastric Balloon cost in Pakistan, Lahore is much less than bariatric surgery like sleeve gastrectomy. Sleeve gastrectomy procedure overall cost around 4 to 6 lacs. We used FDA approved silicon gastric balloon imported from Europe , Brazil & America. Average cost of imported Gastric Balloon around 2 lac rupees.while gastric balloon procedure insertion or removal cost around 40 thousand with endoscopy to ensure safety .

Appointment for gastric balloon

For Details & Appointment contact now

0923445203650 for Pakistan

International 00923445203650.

Whatsapp , IMO , Viber

contact also available or u Can avail free online consultation click link below

Free online Consultation
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Liposuction Cost in Pakistan, Lahore

Liposuction cost in Pakistan, Lahore is much less than weight loss procedures. We offer Tummy liposuction cost around 65 thousands ( Local Anaesthesia). Double chin treatment around 35 thousands. Arms lipo treatment around 30 to 40 thousands. Love handles around 30 thousands. Thigh area around 25 thousand per thigh. We offer cheaper price packages including anaesthesia, Hospital , theatre charges, Room stay & Surgeon fee.

Detailed costs of liposuction & comparison with other centres. Free consultation about liposuction cost in Pakistan, Lahore.

Belly liposuction cost in lahore, Pakistan

Belly Liposuction cost In Pakistan range from 75 thousand to 1lac 50 thousand depending upon body weight & waist size. Discounted offers can be given after clinical examination. Usually around 3 to 7 liters of fat can be harvested from abdomen or belly depending upon individual body fats.
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Free Plastic Surgery Online consultation

Free Plastic surgery online consultation in Lahore, Pakistan. Get details about price, surgery details , Complications, side effects, recovery time of plastic, cosmetic, Aesthetic surgeries like liposuction, facelift, Gynecomastia, hair transplant (FUT, FUE), breast implants, rhinoplasty, gastric balloon free of cost.

Body reshaping surgeries free consultation about cost, procedure details can also be obtained like tummy tuck , liposuction, neck lift, blephroplasty,Gastric Balloon, butt lift, thigh lift.

PRP therapy, mesotherapy, wrinkles treatment & non surgical rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery details can be obtained .

Reconstructive surgeries like facial palsy, skin tumors, Hand & face injuries, scars treatments details can also be asked.

You can also share pictures for best opinion.

Absolutely no hidden charges.

Dr Saleem Consultant Plastic Surgeon, best in Lahore Pakistan will give answers to ur queries.

alt="Free plastic surgery online consultation pakistan"
Free plastic surgery online consultation
Booking or Appointment

Booking an Appointment with Dr Saleem Plastic surgeon

0923445203650 (pakistan) , 00923445203650 (International),

Contact through whatsapp, Viber , IMO , LINE or email can also be made.

Social media Facebook , Twitter, Google plus ,


Ask us

free plastic surgery online consultation by just simply filling the form & U will get reply from consultant plastic , Cosmetic Surgeon in short time.

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