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Gerald Bradshaw
Get into Harvard, Yale, Brown -- You Can Do It!
Get into Harvard, Yale, Brown -- You Can Do It!

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How did these Ohio quadruplets get into Harvard and Yale (to name a few)? Read their essays.

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**Dear Mr. Bradshaw,
Our son started seventh grade last fall. He is an excellent student and we want him to continue to do well so that he can apply to a top college.

When should we start thinking about hiring a consultant or tutor to help make sure he stays at the top of his class?

Signed: Parent**

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It may just be the end of January, but high school seniors are counting the days until the end of March when the majority of college admissions offices send out their coveted letter of admission or the polite letter of rejection. It is small comfort to know that only the April 15 deadline for income tax filing will ever cause them so much anxiety over a date again.

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*Denied admission by first-choice school? Transfer later*

Now that the April 1 regular decision deadline has passed — the date set by most college admissions committees to send out their coveted letters of admission or the polite letters of rejection — it is time to celebrate or regroup. It is little comfort to know that only April 15 and the IRS will ever cause you so much anxiety about an April date again.

Many students are disappointed to be rejected by their first-choice school, but all is not lost. There is the false impression that once you have been rejected, you don't have another chance of getting admitted. There is another option that students should consider, and that is reapplying to your first choice school as a transfer student.

Last September, USA Today published a study that showed transfer applicants have a better chance of getting admitted than a student applying under regular admission standards. Several schools, such as the University of Michigan, will waive the ACT/SAT score requirements for transfers, which raises the odds significantly over regular admission standards.

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*Take time to explore, pursue interests in first year of college*

Many parents are so delighted at the thought that their son or daughter stands a chance of being admitted to a top college or university that they are tempted to choose a major for the child.

It is not unusual for parents to wish to see their talented son or brilliant daughter become the family's first physician. There are bragging rights that go along with having a bright, motivated child — all the years of sacrifice are finally paying off.

Yet, students need some breathing space between gown and career. High school is a structured place where little experimentation is allowed on an advanced placement schedule.

For those reasons, the newly minted college freshman needs time to explore. It is not necessary that all of classes be taken toward a major. A few professional programs require students to take classes in their freshman year to prepare for graduate study, and medical and dental schools have specific courses that must be taken as undergraduates. I suggest that freshman also take a few courses outside their intended field of study, if for no other reason than to avoid burnout.

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PSAT vs SAT? Which do top colleges prefer? #PSAT #ACT #College  

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Your college major is a pretty good indication of how smart you are  via @qz

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Dear Mr. Bradshaw:

I want to attend a top-tier college. The only problem is my GPA, which I believe will be 2.750 when I graduate.

I don’t think that my GPA is an accurate indicator of my potential. On the SAT, I scored 1850/2400. My communication skills are excellent and I work part time as an assistant to an investment representative at a local bank. I want to major in business and my supervisor will give me an outstanding recommendation. I have also participated in several extracurricular activities during my high school years.

What are my chances of getting into a top school based upon my GPA and test scores? I plan to apply to 20 elite colleges, with Butler and Indiana University as my backups. Is this a good strategy?

Signed: a junior

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Is the $72,000 tuition at Manhattan's first and only boarding school really worth it? Go inside and see for yourself:

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Very often, famous people do not continue their education after high school. There is no doubt that in our culture, the prospect of wealth and celebrity status almost always wins-out over the virtue of education. Below, we’ve put together a list of famous people who actually attended college at one point or another (despite many not finishing).
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