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Peace and Love and F___ You!
I believe in peace and love Earth below and sky above, Truly.   But I would like to stray today And in the most loving way, Say fuck you!   Heartless thieves and shameless too As if the earth belonged to you! So greedy.   You casually seek to sweep aside Th...

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White-throated Sparrow
I saw you razoring your bill this morning, Using the budding branch of a maple tree As your whetstone. I have some questions: Ø   Does doing that give your sunflower seed a maple-y delicious flavor? Ø   Do you suffer when the weather is cold and wet? Ø   Do...

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Just Now
I can only hold onto this moment for just so long. It is hot, hot! And sometimes I am blessed it seems, Or cursed perhaps as well With how quickly “now” Is always becoming “then.”   But it is not then and gone, no, there is a wane: And it is a gift when the...

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Prelude to Spring
A passing
shower brings A prelude to spring. It dimples and
pocks Creating self-healing
divots Painting and
sculpting and painting again The grey
liquid canvas. Watch closely
or you might miss it as The eye
jitterbugs from near shore to far Wanting to

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Donald Trump's Birdfeeder
I’m going to send Donald
Trump a birdfeeder. You might picture it in
the window of this photograph, Possibly with a Peterson’s Field Guide placed usefully
on the Resolute Desk. I won’t labor the
President with any lectures on ornithology Or science or adapt...

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EPA Lament
Do not steal the air from me I could not bear such poverty And fill again the pristine sky With dirt and soot that stings the eye. The earth our home we must not foul I long to hear coyote’s howl We share it all with birds and beast The giant whales and mic...

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Not Yet a Swan Song
I thought that I had lost
a swan. Viewed through the window And across the lake They sailed there mornings On most fine days As a threesome of waterfowl Forming a triptych Hinged in their beauty, Into my vision such Clouds upon the water, Joy upon the heart...

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Walking with the President
I would like to take the president for a long walk in the
woods. We would climb humble hills and majestic mountains, We would cross small steams, steaming in the morning
light, We would ramble across flowering fields and watch the
bees Bobbing on the blosso...

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The Lonely Walk
We have been caught out in the cold In the fading light of this democracy We have taken for granted That it would always be there Solid and monumental. Silly to think it could not be snatched away Silly to think that there was such a thing as Absolute trust...

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I’m somewhere between solitude and loneliness, Can you help me? This task will likely be burdensome since I cannot teach you the steps to this dance, Nor rule the hobgoblins As they step forward fast And then soon sashay and vacate The dance floor. Sometime...
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