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Let's recapture the American Dream- my great friend David Gruder's TEDx talk in Encinitas last month. Must see: The Hijack: David Gruder at TEDxEncinitas
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Cheryl Conner

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Cheryl Conner

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Great tips. Love this - by Tom Lowery. Thanks, Tom! 
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My exclusive interview with Scott Jordan, CEO of SCOTTEVEST, on Yahoo News - in his appearance on Shark Tank he turned down $1M in offers from the Sharks and has been tangling with Mark Cuban on social media since. Here's the real story behind his appearance. All opinions welcome!
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Yeah, +Alfred Poor, Scott has never been one to step away from a challenge, and why should he?

He made his chops early on when he left his career as an attorney in Chicago and successfully brought to market the first tech-friendly vests and jackets and used eye-catching marketing to get attention (his most notable early model was a former Playboy Bunny). A cool, quality product addressing a current need with effective marketing brought success,  just as promised in the biz textbooks.

I wore a ScottEVest jacket this morning walking our dog and when we recently went on a trip it was the only jacket I took. The garment, with removable sleeves and enough pockets and cable channels for anyone, is extremely versatile and even though my jacket has to be at least 12 years old it looks good and continues to be a subject of conversation when people realize how it's so much more than 'just a jacket'.

Scott used to race Porsches, then Mini's, and now, according to his Facebook feed, races himself up mountainsides in Utah.

He's an interesting, bright guy who has no reason to take a backseat to anyone.
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Cheryl Conner

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The tips for writing online articles readers will love - my article this morning for Forbes. Enjoy! 
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Cheryl Conner

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Thanks for sharing Cheryl!
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PR expert, writer, speaker, consultant
Basic Information
PR Gunner - CEO - Forbes Contributor and WSJ Guest Contributor. I also have a big interest in health and fitness.

 I am an entrepreneur and PR expert from Salt Lake City, and I am the founder of Snapp Conner PR. I am also a contributor to Forbes and a frequent author and speaker.

Bragging rights
I am the mother of 5 great kids - 2 of them from Russia, plus 3 grown sons - 4 more by extension (Vic and I are a combined family) and we have 4 adorable grandkids with 2 more on the way (and a MinPinn puppy named Coop).
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Highland, Utah
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Best dentist ever - I needed to come in recently for two crown replacements. One of them didn't fit quite right - and Dr. Bigelow took all the time needed to be sure it was absolutely perfect before I left his chair, even though it probably impacted his personal schedule badly. He strives for excellence, and for his patients' comfort. And he's also a very nice guy. Thank you, Dr. B!
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