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Alastair Luke

G+ Questions - Mobile  - 
With he new G+ update I like the new photo layout.

Al my photos are automatically uploaded to G+ but I'm finding my Galaxy S4 memory is getting filled up with photos. Is there a way to auto delete these from the device while keeping the uploads in G+? 
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I'm finding it quite confusing to understand what's on my phone only and what's already backed up in the cloud, using only the new Android app.
Also need to clean up some space but don't want to risk deleting photos and videos that aren't already backed up.
Folders, albums, local, cloud... Simply confusing... 
Why doesn't Google put a small mark on every photo and video that's backed up? 
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Alastair Luke

Introduce Yourself  - 
Hey everyone, glad to see a new NI community here. I'm Alastair, I'm 29,married with 1 stepdaughter. We're camping right now at Ben one beach. Here's the view of the sunset last night from our campsite at Golden sands Caravan Park. 
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We were at golden sands a few weeks ago, didn't get sky like that, it rained. Lol. 
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Alastair Luke

Shared publicly  - 

Since I switched to Android I'm having trouble getting texts from iPhone users because Apple is trying to deliver iMessages to my old iPhone.

I have switched iMessage off on the iPhone and I have also deregistered the iPhone from my Apple ID.

Has anyone any other suggestions? 
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I changed the password on my Apple ID which is supposed to fix it. That and deregistered the iPhone from my Apple ID too. The phone had been fact run reset so no more problems! 
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Alastair Luke

Shared publicly  - 
Good evening everyone! It's been a little while since I've frequented G+. I've just found most of my time going into Facebook and Twitter.

Well I'll probably be on here more often since I finally ditched the old iPhone 4 for a Galaxy S4! So far so good with it, I'm very pleased and the Android functionality I found with my Nexus 7 is a treat to carry about in my pocket!

I'm particularly glad to have Google Music available to me on an unlimited data plan. I'll be streaming music all day! 
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I tend to keep fb for people I know and g+ for interests and communitys. Works well for me. 
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Alastair Luke

General Discussion  - 
January 13th - August 7th 2013.
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You''ve really done good for yourself! Nice!
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Alastair Luke

Shared publicly  - 
I know some of my G+ friends are cycling nerds so I'm hoping for a little advice.

I'm starting g a new job on 1st July and considering picking up a bike to get myself to the train station and home again. It's a 2 mile cycle in the morning and the same back in the evening.

I haven't ridden a bike since I was a kid and am just wondering if there are any glaring errors that novices like me make when buying a bike or accessories?

I'd be cycling on roads mostly with about 1/3 of my journey on designated cycle lanes. Has anyone any advice on cycling on roads? Obviously safety is my major concern here!

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Electric bike
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Alastair Luke

Discussion  - 
Has anyone else got the SView case?

I got mine free with my S4 about 6 weeks ago and it has scratched the hell out of my screen.  There is 1 big scratch and lots of smaller ones where the clear panel sits on the screen.  The rest of the screen is in mint condition.

I'm going to go talk to my retailer who sold me the phone and the free case tomorrow. Just wondered if anyone else has had this issue.
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I've got that case, as has 'er indoors, no sign of scratching, as expected. The screen is glass, there isn't much that will scratch it, short of diamond.

Are you sure you've removed the plastic film that is on the screen when it's new?

You've not fitted one of those grotty paid "screen protectors" and it's that scratched and not the glass? 
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Alastair Luke

Shared publicly  - 
Massively awesome. You haven't lived til you've heard this.. 
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Alastair Luke

Shared publicly  - 
Belfast is dark and grey this morning. There's an ominous black cloud floating above the city making it look like nighttime.
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We ordered that specially for Trent! #NIN #belsonic
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Alastair Luke

Shared publicly  - 
Absolutely mind blowing! 
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Alastair Luke

Before/After Pics  - 
January 13th - August 7th 2013 :)
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Alastair Luke

Shared publicly  - 
I used Internet Explorer yesterday*

*to download Chrome
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A problem shared...
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Stakeholder Engagement Officer
  • Quinn's Belfast
    Web/Graphic Designer, 2011 - 2012
  • Lisburn Graphics
    Designer, 2012 - present
  • Young Enterprise Northern Ireland
    Stakeholder Engagement Officer, 2013 - present
  • Gem
    Team Manager, 2006 - 2010
  • Maplin Electronics
    2010 - 2011
    Sales team leader
  • BMF Business Services
    Graphic/Web Designer, 2011 - 2012
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I am Alastair, I am a husband and step-father.  I work full time as a graphic designer.
  • University of Ulster
    BSc (hons) Social Psychology, 2002 - 2005
  • Belfast Metropolitan College
    HNC Interactive Media, 2009 - 2011
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Stayed here about 10 times in 4 years until the caretaker got aggressive and abusive towards my wife and I regarding the simple matter of keep our dogs on a lead (in an empty field). The kid's park is good but has a few maintenance issues. The other visitors' children can at time be rowdy and start fights. The toilets can be poorly maintained at times and it's a lucky dip whether you get a warm or cold shower. The site is a 5 minute walk from Benone Beach, which is a beautiful place to be, on a sunny day it can't be beat, but sadly the Golden Sands surly owners and caretaker are letting the area down. I'd recommend the much more friendly Benone Tourist Complex for Camping and Caravanning. It's a little more expensive but well worth it.
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