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Massively awesome. You haven't lived til you've heard this.. 

Belfast is dark and grey this morning. There's an ominous black cloud floating above the city making it look like nighttime.


Since I switched to Android I'm having trouble getting texts from iPhone users because Apple is trying to deliver iMessages to my old iPhone.

I have switched iMessage off on the iPhone and I have also deregistered the iPhone from my Apple ID.

Has anyone any other suggestions? 

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Absolutely mind blowing! 

Good evening everyone! It's been a little while since I've frequented G+. I've just found most of my time going into Facebook and Twitter.

Well I'll probably be on here more often since I finally ditched the old iPhone 4 for a Galaxy S4! So far so good with it, I'm very pleased and the Android functionality I found with my Nexus 7 is a treat to carry about in my pocket!

I'm particularly glad to have Google Music available to me on an unlimited data plan. I'll be streaming music all day! 

I used Internet Explorer yesterday*

*to download Chrome

I know some of my G+ friends are cycling nerds so I'm hoping for a little advice.

I'm starting g a new job on 1st July and considering picking up a bike to get myself to the train station and home again. It's a 2 mile cycle in the morning and the same back in the evening.

I haven't ridden a bike since I was a kid and am just wondering if there are any glaring errors that novices like me make when buying a bike or accessories?

I'd be cycling on roads mostly with about 1/3 of my journey on designated cycle lanes. Has anyone any advice on cycling on roads? Obviously safety is my major concern here!


The new iOS 7 design looks horrible to me but its a million times better than most of the nasty looking Android custom home screens I see on here. I just stick to vanilla Android. Nice design that works well.

Sitting here listening to KISS Alive II. Original 1982 vinyl pressing. It's 2 years older than me and sounds great. 

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If I could ask my local G+ friends to have a look at my new website and maybe circle our page here on Google+ I'd be very much obliged!

It's only just launched, but we are providing graphic design, web design and social media consultation.  We're focusing on Lisburn for now however, we'll work anywhere through the magic of the internet!

If anyone knows anybody who might benefit from our services give me a shout!  
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