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mark collins-cope
Would be polymath - shame about the poly...
Would be polymath - shame about the poly...
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Someone who says it as it is.

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My sons at the Reading Festival ('Rock' festival).

Plus ca change ...

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Back to school today. But first just time for ...

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Feeling great.

Shock horror. Five days of warm weather in UK. News flashes and warnings abound. Almost as much as when it snows for two days :).

00.20. Great to be sitting in the garden. So warm. But can't believe how many insect bites I seem to have. This is cold London. The deal is we have to put up with the cold bit we don't get bitten.

Breach of contract..... 

The new ObjectiveView web site (software magazine for serious developers) is now up. More work needed, but take a look. Comments appreciated.

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2011-Greece with Boys
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Thought I'd give this a go. Can't say I bellieve that G+ will ever catch up with Facebook now, but you never know do you. M.
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