Working on two things this evening where I could really use some help and perspective from PLN members.

Thing One will turn into a blog post (Part 3 of my EdStartup 101 "pain test" series) about current solutions and why they aren't good enough and how long it's been a problem and how easy it would be to fix.  "It," as I've defined the problem, is that factory-model schools function as they were designed to function, but the functions they perform are unneeded and counterproductive in today's world.  As I thought about "current solutions," I grouped them into three categories:
a) those that pretend everything is OK (the factory model still works just fine, but it isn't being operated properly OR there's something wrong with the "raw materials")
b) those that just get angry (on both sides of the polarized political spectrum)
c) those that try to get away (rescuing your own child/ren, but not thinking about the other children who are trapped in the factory system)

I'll probably manage to offend people on all sides of the political spectrum with the groupings :).  That's fine with me, but I'd love to know what y'all think about the categories themselves.

Thing Two is an outline for an online professional-development course for teachers that I've been asked to develop.  "Advanced Differentiation" is the idea, but you know me well enough to know that it will actually help participants move from differentiated instruction along the continuum towards personal learning.  I'd rather not share the outline publicly, so just let me know if you'd like to see it.  I'm pretty pleased with the overall flow, but I wonder if I'm missing anything or if there's a better form of organization.

Thanks again for all your help with everything this week! +Laura Gibbs +George Station +Donna Murdoch +Maureen Devlin +Pam Moran +Bernardo Trejos +Roger Travis +Troy Roddy +Emily Lewis +Miriam Patrick-Prince +Rachel Ash +Debbie Pribele – and anyone else, please feel free to join in too!
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