+Roz Hussin +Brendan Storming +Mark Poole +Donna Murdoch +Mike Trainum  +don arnoldy +Stefan P. Schmid - I just made a this dual-purpose Prezi and would love some feedback, especially from you, Brendan.  On one level, it's a prototype solution for my former student V, who wants to work as a welder but also wants to help CoRe learners, like her, avoid some of the mistakes she made along the way.  As such, it's part of my submission for the "Prototype and Test" part of Design Thinking Action Lab.  But – since it's about sharing personal narratives via cheap video, on a collaborative YouTube channel – it's also relevant to the conversations we've been having.  In fact, I'm wondering if it might be a solution, at least initially, to get some content together for other CoRe learners to use.

What do y'all think?

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