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And Then There Was June
June's not my best month. This year was the 7th anniversary of my dad's death, closely followed by a family reunion for his family, then father's day. Not the best schedule for my mental well-being. Usually, I keep myself busy so I don't sit around and dwel...

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Week 22 Writing Prompt
The delay in this week's writing prompt is brought to you by the great State of Texas! We drove to the Dallas/Fort Worth area this weekend to visit some family, so I'm a wee bit late in getting this prompt out. Other than visiting family we don't often see,...

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Week 21 Writing Prompt
Students are graduating all over the country, and Memorial Day is coming up. This the time of year for moving on. For this week's story or chapter we're forcing the main character to move on. S/he may not want to, but the time has come. What happens? Who or...

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Week 20 Writing Prompt
Do you ever have a time when you feel like you'll never get your head above water? The end of the semester is often like that for teachers. This week we're going to take that feeling and turn it on its head. By Richard Ling (Own work) [GFDL ( http://www.gnu...

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Week 19 Writing Prompt
Yesterday was Mother's Day in the US, so let's make this week's prompt a tribute of sorts to mothers.  Our challenge for this week is to write a story about a character dealing with a mother who defies all stereotypes. If you're writing for young people, th...

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Week 18 Writing Prompt
By The Cookiemonster [CC BY-SA 2.0 ( )]  via Wikimedia Commons Another thing I love about all of the rain in April is watching seedlings pop up all over the place. This week it's time to plant. Write a story abo...

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Week 17 Writing Prompt
Sometimes it feels like if you didn't have bad luck you wouldn't have any luck at all. One April I was in a car accident every Friday for three weeks. I wasn't feeling terribly lucky by the end of the month - I felt more like Calamity Jane. This week your c...

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Week 16 Writing Prompt
Last week I complained about all the rain we get in April, but one thing I love about the rain is how green everything looks afterwards. This week we're playing with that rain-soaked color. Give a character an affinity with something green and see what happ...

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Week 15 Writing Prompt
April in Indiana sometimes feels like living inside a thundercloud. We have lots of rain, so there are often flood warnings. Usually when we think of flooding, something that looks like this comes to mind: By State Library of South Australia (Flickr: River ...

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Week 14 Writing Prompt
Diamonds are a girl's best friend - or are they? I always love to read a story with an unexpected twist, so let's try writing one this week. (If you can't see the video, you can find it here: ) This week we're go...
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