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This is partly why I think law is fun. It's a part of every civilized or not so civilized interaction. And it gives raise to stupid ideas like these as well; patent trolls. Who would've thunk.
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And good on Drew. Didn't think he'd be one to take that shit lying down.
Whoa, TED talks are really going down into the gutter if they need Drew Curtis to talk about his lawsuit from 2008.
I wasn't at first, I was just throwing my opinion out there, that you clearly didn't like - And sarcastically derided. To which I returned the favor. Nothing personal - I didn't wake up today saying "You know what? Fuck that Emma chick."
Fair enough. Sort of served it up for you there, didn't I? Well... let me just be sour for two more seconds then.

...there. :] done.
I don't know how anyone puts up with me honestly.
Man, I wish I was as washed up as him. I mean, he's no Alexis Redditdude, but what he's saying there is definitely worth saying. Not that I've been to Fark in years come to think of it, actually I can't fucking stand Fark. But fuck patent-trolls just that little bit harder.
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