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Bhawana Pareek
A learner on life's course, learning to express through my writing.
A learner on life's course, learning to express through my writing.


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Pause witness and take it easy….
Pause berate easy Stay still for a while! Notice discreetly The mayhem of thy life The speed of change The wisdom from agony The authenticity in turmoil Is simply breathtaking? It feels crazy chaos But, the stillness within Reveals veiled sagacity Things th...

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Here is my latest creation , hope you will like it.

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I am the earth.........
Image from the Net I am the earth Awaiting eclipse Longing my holy fate! Waiting immortally Bridging colossal abyss Yet realities and dreams coexist! Mind says give up Heart gallops at every thought A rider’s classic allegories! Battling the evil thought Nu...

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Life is.....
Haiku# 070 Life is..... but a lovely game Science, philosophy, history are all it's varied names!!

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The Arduous Road that Leads to Nowhere……..
Personal pursuits of parity Are merely vicious disparities Human will mighty Wasted consciously What an irony? Knowledge is a thirst Learning is evolutionary. Egocentric minds Cause brutal Fatality! Innovation is revolutionary It challenges what was Can you...

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#069 Veracity…. Lucid
dreams and reality Coexist
secretly in our daydreams Till
we learn to have faith in!

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Haiku #068 Deeds… Hidden beneath Layers of steady, deeds Is, a great turmoil of thoughts!!! 

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“There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be...”
― John Lennon

Here is my #new #creation about the illusion to #choose, do we really make the decision or create our #destinies. Read my #views in my new #poetry.

Have a great day friends :-)


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The Panorama…….
Standing tall on the mammoth hill I see traces of what’s underneath A timid mist and many broken, mended trails Choose we must, from several lanes!! Destiny has its rigid grail, set in stone Unterminated, you only think you chose But thy path is set in ston...
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