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Paul S. R. Chisholm
Career 1.0: software developer / manager. Career 2.0: writer.
Career 1.0: software developer / manager. Career 2.0: writer.

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(geek interest) What experience do folks have with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), a.k.a. Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, especially with the new 16.04-based version released with Windows 10 Creators Update?

If you're unhappy with WSL, do you instead use some other "Unix under Windows" software such as Cygwin?

(Please assume that I'm crazy, or stupid, or whatever you need to accept that I continue to want a computer running Windows. Please further accept that I'm happy to use Ubuntu instead of Arch, Mint, Fedora / Red Hat / CentOS, xxxxBSD, etc.)

(sigh) Note to self: never post anything to social media without taking time to check for stupid typos. Feh.

How can I share about 10GB of music on a computer -- most of it not purchased from Apple -- between two iPhones?

I have a 20GB music collection. I ripped most of it from our CD collection. I got most of the rest from Amazon, Google Play Music, or sites with songs under Creative Commons licenses (free and legal to download). I purchased a couple of dozen songs from iTunes Plus (no DRM); I can easily convert them to MP3 files that have nothing to do with Apple.

Currently, all 20GB lives on a desktop computer and is synced to an iPod Classic. About 10GB is synced to my wife's iPhone. The metadata -- playlists, song ratings and playcounts, etc. -- is shared between the computer, the iPod, and the iPhone. All three use the same Apple ID.

Now I'm moving from an Android phone to an iPhone. I'd like to have roughly the same music (including metadata) on both iPhones.

The simplest solution is to sync my new iPhone to the same desktop computer. Unfortunately, I think that would mean my iPhone would need to use the same Apple ID as my wife's. How much of a problem would that be?

A few observations:

- Family Sharing doesn't help because I want to share music not purchased from Apple.

- I don't need to share app purchases.

- Most of our data (e-mail, calendars, contacts, photos) is associated with our respective Google accounts.

- This article
describes how to have one Apple ID for "iTunes & App Store," and different Apple IDs for iCloud, Messages, and FaceTime. The article is about sharing an ID to share purchases, which is not what I want.

- I could clone my iTunes library (with a new Apple ID) and use it for my new iPhone. The metadata would start the same but fall out of sync.

I think I can begin setting up my new iPhone by choosing "Move Data from Android," then choosing "Skip This Step" when I'm asked to sign in with or create an Apple ID. Am I risking anything if start this way?


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A message to the President of the United States, from a well-known Twitter user: "AGAIN, TO OUR VERY FOOLISH LEADER, DO NOT ATTACK SYRIA - IF YOU DO MANY VERY BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN & FROM THAT FIGHT THE U.S. GETS NOTHING!"

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"... source control systems generate intense loyalty – more so than just about any other developer tool. So the argument between TFVC, Source Depot, Git, Mercurial, and more was ferocious and, quite honestly, we made a decision without ever getting consensus -- it just wasn’t going to happen. We chose to standardize on Git for many reasons.... Normally Git downloads everything when you clone. But what if it didn’t? What if we virtualized the storage under it so that it only downloaded the things you need. So clone of a massive 300GB repo becomes very fast. As I perform Git commands or read/write files in my enlistment, the system seamlessly fetches the content from the cloud (and then stores it locally so future accesses to that data are all local)."

Easiest three-step solution for moving a few gigabytes of files from one computer to another:

(1) Upload everything on the first computer to Google Drive.
(2) Download everything on Google Drive to the second computer.
(3) There is no step (3).

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FYI if you use LastPass with Chrome; action possibly required if you use it with Firefox.

"We want to provide an update to our community on the vulnerabilities recently reported by +Tavis Ormandy, a security researcher on Google’s Project Zero team. This is a long post, so you can get the need-to-know highlights in the overview, or dig into the details in the comprehensive summary below.

- Two vulnerabilities were recently identified by security researcher Tavis Ormandy
- Our investigation to date has not indicated that any sensitive user data was lost or compromised
- All extensions have been patched and are being re-released to users
- Our mobile apps for Android and iOS were not affected
- No master password change is required
- No site credential passwords need to be changed
- Ensure you are running the latest versions"

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"The house is on fire, Trump is running around with a box of matches, and the GOP demands to know who called the fire department."
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