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A free book on cognition from +Allison Sekuler  and +Mark Greenlee . It looks great.
The Latest Research on the Effects of Aging on Perception and Cognition

Our new eBook for +Frontiers is available for a free download:

+Mark Greenlee and I had a blast editing it, and Mark did a tremendous job getting it all wrapped up.

The eBook contains some of the latest research in both healthy and pathological aging from around the world, on topics including vision, memory, attention, neural maps, multisensory integration, and more. And best of all, like all +Frontiers publications, it's all open source, so anyone can stay up to date with the latest research.

From the introduction to the book:

Our understanding of visual perception and visual cognition has advanced considerably over the last decades. The effects of ageing on visual perception and visual cognition are less well understood. This research topic will feature state-of-the-art approaches to determining the effects of ageing on visual perception, visual attention, visual memory and visually guided behaviour. Studies using methods that incorporate psychophysics, eye movements, electrophysiology, structural and functional neuroimaging, as well as computational modelling are welcome. In addition to the focus on how ageing effects normal vision, the topic will also include studies on the effects of pathological ageing in the retina (e.g., age-related macular degeneration) and the brain (e.g., neurodegenerative disorders) on vision and visual cognition.

Cover image: Photograph by JD Howell of a senior participant in an EEG study in my lab at +McMaster University 

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Ya' think (cognate)?!! ;-)

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This will be controversial.....
Although feelings are personal and subjective, the human brain turns them into a standard code that objectively represents emotions across different senses, situations and even people, reports a new study. “Despite how personal our feelings feel, the evidence suggests our brains use a standard code to speak the same emotional language,” one researcher concludes.
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Jay Dinan

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Thank you +Pinterest Women Fashion  for including me in your circle.
Another great circle shared with me by an amazing G+'er!!

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Mars Mineral Globe
This unique atlas comprises a series of maps showing the distribution and abundance of minerals formed in water, by volcanic activity, and by weathering to create the dust that makes Mars red. 
Together the maps provide a global context for the dominant geological processes that have defined the planet’s history.

The maps were built from ten years of data collected by the OMEGA visible and infrared mineralogical mapping spectrometer on Mars Express.

The animation cycles through maps showing: individual sites where a range of minerals that can only be formed in the presence of water were detected; maps of olivine and pyroxene, minerals that tell the story of volcanism and the evolution of the planet’s interior; and ferric oxide and dust. Ferric oxide is a mineral phase of iron, and is present everywhere on the planet: within the bulk crust, lava outflows and the dust oxidised by chemical reactions with the martian atmosphere, causing the surface to ‘rust’ slowly over billions of years, giving Mars its distinctive red hue.

Hydrated mineral map: ESA/CNES/CNRS/IAS/Université Paris-Sud, Orsay; NASA/JPL/JHUAPL;
Olivine, pyroxone, ferric dust & dust maps: ESA/CNES/CNRS/IAS/Université Paris-Sud, Orsay Orsay;
Video production: ESA.


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Read Montague does some very interesting studies and if you like neuroscience/psychology then he is definitely worth checking out.
If you're so smart, why aren't you rich? It may be that, when it comes to stock market success, your brain is heeding the wrong neural signals.

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Thanks +Mikhail Petrovsky , I appreciate being included with these excellent people.
Hey my friends. Good morning/evening to all!
Circle brings together nice and interesting people with similar interests ...
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Буду признателен всем, кто присоединится и поделится этим кругом.
Этот круг объединяет людей со схожими интересами...
I would be grateful to all those who will join and share it around.
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Thanks +Michael Q Todd , I appreciate being included in your circle and I enjoy your posts, I hope others follow you.
Hi everyone this is #Megaball  16. 
Like last time I am mixing things up a little so do not be concerned if you have not been included. You may well be back in next week. 
I am also sharing a weekly circle on +The 7 Pillars Book page and you have probably been included in that.
Google+ continuess to grow and grow for those of us who are around each day.
We still all have an amazing chance to grow a huge online presence as it is still relatively new to most of the world.
So keep going!! 
I made a post and a short audio about social media and loving your life here at
Thank you for checking it out and maybe giving it a share somewhere.
If you wish to have your own audio featured please contact the founder Deb King.
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Just plain cool.
Scientists have taken the first snapshots of photosynthesis in action as it splits water into protons, electrons and oxygen, the process that maintains Earth's oxygen atmosphere. The revealing of the mechanism of this water splitting process is essential for the development of artificial systems that mimic and surpass the efficiency of natural systems.

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Great article. H/T +Allison Sekuler 
Three-dimensional scans of two mummified newborn woolly mammoths recovered from the Arctic are revealing new details about the early development of prehistoric proboscideans. The research, conducted in part by American Museum of Natural History graduate student Zachary T. Calamari, also suggests their causes of death.
Read the story:
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I think the article conclusion may be incorrect; I saw a GIF about this yesterday right here on G+. Considering the flat aspect of this fossil, it may have died in a skydiving accident.

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Some beautiful pictures of cities around the world. H/T +Mikhail Petrovsky 
Красивые места по всему миру Фото Тур - Beautiful places around the world Photo Tour
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  • Denison University
    Political Science, 1978 - 1982
  • Northfield Mount Hermon
    1975 - 1978
El alma de un poeta con el cerebro de un científico atrapado en el cuerpo de un payaso.
My interest is in the science of Alcoholism,  Addiction, and Recovery with a particular focus on Recidivism.         

From 1988 until 1997 I was a bartender. During this time my alcoholism and cocaine addiction became  much worse and I deteriorated  rapidly  both physically and emotionally.

I was arrested for assault and battery and kidnapping.* 1989

I had three DWI's, two of which I was charged with cocaine possession. 1991, 1993, 1997

I lost my car, condo, job, license and girlfriend.

 I filed for bankruptcy. 1995

I quit drinking and drugging January 22 2000.

AA: I attended AA meetings for the first three years regularly . Being around others who shared a similar problem and goal helped me immensely. The spiritual aspect of A.A. is great, however I began to develop a need to understand from a more physiological/psychological perspective how recovery did and did not work.

THERAPY: This curiosity led me to find a therapist and engage in individual therapy for three years.** This was extremely rewarding, painful and ultimately helpful. I studied therapeutic issues such as transference/counter transference, projection, ego defenses, etc., and schools of thought ( very little Freudian, more self object relations, attachment theory, etc.) in order to understand my underlying developmental deficiencies more clearly.
HOMESCHOOLING: After this I began researching alcoholism, depression and addiction on my own. With no science background, I had a great deal of difficulty reading research papers from Pub Med online. I started exploring neurology, physiology, biology, chemistry, etc. to better understand alcoholism and addiction from a more scientific standpoint.
RESEARCH: Professors at City College of New York up on 138th street have been very kind and allowed me to sit in and audit classes (free of charge) to further my scientific “home schooling” as I like to call it. Another New York University next to where I work  in Greenwich village has not been as kind to my requests to sit in on lectures.


PERSONAL BACKGROUND: My parents were divorced when I was three. I was raised in a single parent alcoholic home with father geographically distant.
Family background: 1 parent is a recovering alcoholic with 2 brothers who committed suicide as adults, a brother and sister who are deceased and were extremely active alcoholics, and a deceased sister with a history of mental illness and nervous breakdowns. The other parent deceased was not an alcoholic but his 2 deceased brothers  were extremely active alcoholics, and his deceased sister  was a relatively high functioning alcoholic. 
WORK: Currently I work  in a restaurant primarily for health benefits and free time to pursue my interest in science.
*The case was overcharged and dismissed on the first court date but it was indicative of a drug and alcohol problem.
**When I started therapy, the co pay was 15 dollars and then increased to 45 dollars per session. I could no longer afford the weekly sessions.
I post primarily on topics related to brain, behavior, and science.
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