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Visiting G+ after a long absence... I still like the look and feel of this place over Facebook – except for the fact it's still a ghost town.

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Please help me spread the word:
We're looking for your special photos of type/letters found around the world. You have two weeks to submit images for our next exhibition.

More info here:

Sick clients = never ending projects.

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Might as well reserve our company page… I'm sure it'll be just as active as my private account!

Building letters the last days and the next… 3D is fun.

I want g+ to be taking off more. It could be cool, but not without more content and interactions...

This whole social aspect of G+ games is awkward. I played Angry Birds a bit last night and tonight and now I'm embarrassed at all my high scores. Makes me feel extra nerdy...

The Shining makes the idea of tending to a giant hotel over the winter months sound like a nice job… Yes, I am also worried.

Almost finishing some fonts, finally! (Still a lot to do though)
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