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Living life one moment at a time and loving the freedom!
Living life one moment at a time and loving the freedom!

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Mozilla released, Firefox 52 , its latest stable release browser update, on March 7, 2017. This is the second major update in 2017. There was one major change implemented, that is, NPAPI support has been removed, for Firefox plugins except for Adobe Flash. NPAPI or Netscape Plugins API is a plugins infrastructure that was developed way back in 1995, for the Netscape browser, on which Mozilla built Firefox.

Due to the age of the API and security issues, as well as, the adoption of plugin-free web technologies such as HTML5, major web browser vendors, began to phase out NPAPI support, back in 2013. In fact, in September 2015, Google permanently dropped NPAPI support in Chrome 45. If you absolutely need to use NPAPI plugins, in Firefox, you will still be able to use the ESR (Extended Support Release) version, which will continue to support NPAPI plugins.

In Firefox 51, Mozilla had introduced a new warning signal when visiting websites that do not have a secure connection. They enhanced this security feature in Firefox 52 and users will now see a warning message in login fields, if it is not a secure website.

The Firefox Sync feature was also improved. You can now send and open tabs, from one device to another. In FF52, you will find an improved experience for managing your downloads. In the Downloads area, you will now have quick access to 5 recent downloads, instead of 3. You will also find larger CANCEL and RESTART buttons.

These were some of the notable changes in Firefox 52, but there were few others which you can check the release notes in the description section. When FF51 was released in January 2017, I was encouraged with the results when comparing overall performance, of Firefox 50 vs 51.

The #Browsermark benchmark test results on FF52 showed a slight decline, in overall performance, though not by much. Comparatively, Google Chrome continues to outperform Firefox, based on these results.

#Mozilla #Firefox #Firefox52 #FirefoxReview #InternetBrowsers

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In this GIFzign Review video I walk you through its key features and functionality. Gifzign is a GIF Creator and Editor with which you can create cool-looking animated GIF images as well as mockups. With Gifzign you can also create stunning Cinemagraphs or moving images.

I like the Gifzign app overall based on using it so far. It's easy and simple to use once you learn the basic functionality. Given that this is a fairly new app, there is still room for improvement, but knowing the creators Bertrand and Martin, I'm positive that Gifzign will only get better from here. We've already seen two updates since it launched in late March 2017.

If you get Gifzign during the launch period, you can get it at a discounted, lifetime price. After the launch period, the price will increase and it will likely be a monthly/yearly subscription.

#Gifzign #GIFCreator #GIFEditor #Cinemagraphs #CinemagraphApp

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“You never fail until you stop trying.” ~ Albert Einstein

Created in Explaindio 3.0:

#MotivationMonday #MondayMotivation #AnimatedQuotes #Quotes
Animated Photo

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AIR MILES took a lot of heat late last year and early this year regarding some policy changes, especially regarding expiring Air Miles. The good news was that they decided to reverse their decision regarding expiring Air Miles.

I've personally benefited a lot from being a member of the Air Miles Rewards Loyalty Program and have redeemed my Air Miles several times since I became a member. My most recent redemption of Air Miles was for an eVoucher which I used at Staples in March 2017. In this tutorial, I show you How to Redeem Air Miles eVouchers

#AirMiles #AirMilesRewards #eVouchers #HowToRedeem

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In today's world, we leave digital footprints all over the web. With more and more social networks becoming popular, our digital footprint grows, with more social media accounts we have and maintain online. This is a very informative article with practical advice on many ways you can make your online accounts more secure.

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+Eugene Monaco nice collection of soups, salads and sandwiches Sam!
All of my soups, salads, and sandwiches in one place for your enjoyment!!

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One of my most viewed YouTube videos is How to Pay on Amazon Using a Gift Card. In this video, I get often get asked the question "Where to Find the Amazon Gift Card Claim Code?" So I thought I'd create a brief video tutorial.

If you receive an Amazon gift card via email, the claim code is generally in the body of the email, next to the dollar amount. Off late, I've seen gift card emails, where the code is at the bottom of the email and it's easy to miss. On physical Amazon gift cards, the claim code is mostly at the back of the card. And you have to scratch the coating to reveal the claim code.

#Amazon #AmazonTutorial #AmazonGiftCard #GiftCardClaimCode

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Under the new rules, recreational Drone users in Canada face new restrictions as announced by the Transportation Minister, Marc Garneau. This CBC article titled "New Rules for Flying Recreational Drones in Canada Revealed" outlines the details.

#Canada #DroneRules #RecreationalDrones #Drones

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Recently, I started getting this "Unified Daemon Stopped" error on my Android phone. It had to do with the Unified Daemon app that is used by weather, stock and news apps. By clearing the cache and data from this app, I was able to solve the error. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on How to Solve the Unified Daemon Stopped Error on your Android phone.

#Android #AndroidError #UnifiedDaemon #UnifiedDaemonStopped

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Spring is just around the corner and +Eugene Monaco has some useful lawn care tips and tricks.
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