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Andy Brown
Helping business owners like you attract a steady, consistent stream of new clients using Google Adwords
Helping business owners like you attract a steady, consistent stream of new clients using Google Adwords

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In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About:

Why You Will Get Bored Of Your Content Long Before Your Audience
How To Use The New Meerkat App To Motivate Your Prospects To Attend A Live Event
How You Have The Potential Serve Your Local Area Better Using Yik Yak
How To Outsource Your WordPress Updates And Plugins
How to Customise Your Social Media Campaigns Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
How To Take Advantage Of The Top Movers Report In Adwords
Why You Need To Single Task Your Way Through The Day
How Focusing On One Task Unlocks Ultra Productivity
The Advantages Of Using The Google Chrome Extension “Session Buddy”

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In episode 51 of the Triple Your Clients podcast I discuss sightings of a new Google Chat Button and what it means for your business. Google is currently displaying a chat button in some of the knowledge graph local boxes. By clicking on the chat button a Google Hangouts / Google Chat window opens up. Reports state the chat button displays when you do a branded search, an organic search and a mobile search. Maybe in the future an Adwords advertiser will be able to make a chat the call to action. #busines  #podcast 

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In episode 50 of the Triple Your Clients podcast I discuss the big news that Google+ is being split into photos and streams. There’s no official comment about Google Hangouts, but it looks like this will become an individual communication product. It seems Google is finally killing the Google+ brand, having launched the product back in 2011.

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This week I stress the need to check your website is mobile responsive by 21st April and why ... #mobilefriendlywebsites  

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In episode 48 of the Triple Your Clients podcast I discuss quick and easy ways to improve your email marketing open rates. I offer you several proven examples and explain how to tweak your email headlines to improve your open rate percentages. Following this there’s reference to a great article on what teenagers think of social media written by an actual teenager! Definitely worth reading if you seriously want to understand the current social media trends and how it will affect your business.

There’s also reference to AutoExpress’ recent review of Apple CarPlay and why you won’t need to have a Ferrari California T in the future to use it!

Furthermore we look at the important lessons we can all learn from studying the success of video bloggers like Zoe Sugg, Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman and the SacconeJolys. These vbloggers have consistently created content for over 4 to 5 years. It’s a key lesson to all business owners.

Finally I chat about the advantages of remarketing and how to create custom audience lists based on specific browsing behaviour. This enables you to display your ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile app before, based on the lists you have created. This is a profitable marketing strategy with great ROI used by many businesses across Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter. #marketingtips  

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In episode 47 of the Triple Your Clients podcast I discuss the ever increasing interest in podcasting. It truly represents a fantastic opportunity for every business. They can be confident they are publishing their content on a platform that will only get more popular over the coming years. I also comment on the pros and cons of single vs. double opt in for your email marketing and make reference to an interview between Pat Flynn and Steve Chou. There’s also some discussion on a number of tools like KingSumo, Screaming Frog, Rev, Calm and Momentum that I’m using to improve my listing building, search engine optimisation and productivity. #marketingpodcast  
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