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Guys please watch this teen YouTuber !!! She's trying to get famous !!!
It's called annoying things moms do and she's acting it out !!! 

If you want me to post more , go subscribe to my youtube channel!!

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Please help my friend get views on her youtube videos ! Like and Subscribe her! Thank you so much!!! Link:

~Louis Imagine~

Imagine if you posted a picture and captioned it with
'Who would wanna marry me?'
And then louis comments and says
'Uh me. duh! All you people liking this picture better leave' :p 

~Harry Imagine~

Imagine if someone you really hate is making fun of you and calls you a name .
They say that you are super slow and dumb
Then harry comes up behind them and says " no, she's perfect" 

Like if you want an imagine :)

Sweet! The previous post got 20 likes , so now I can give you their kik names :)

So first go subscribe to then come back here and comment "done"
Then I'll give it out :)
Fair enough right? 

I know three of the boys kiks! ill give them out to you guys for 10 likes! so start liking :)

It's sad how I barely know you guys since I've been off for a long time :(

So I'm going to have weekly question every Friday
So first question.. Will make it simple:

What do you like about the boys ?? :)

Tag us in our pictures :) 
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