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Ron Hansen
Fantastic label and brand designer
Fantastic label and brand designer


For the next booth design for a festival or show here is are some helpful steps to follow about design.
Concept: Draw a sketch first of what you want big, small etc.
Production steps.
1. Collect graphics as separate file. See it as putting a puzzle together.
2. Not using a large eps file full of graphics. Like the label. Having a booth designer pull
elements off something that was made for small size art is really time consuming and hard to do.
3. Draw graphic elements to fit sizes. Good to start each panel for the booth as separate elements.
4. Eps vector files for big format is best. If a tiff is used? 50 meg or larger is best for quality resolution.
Then the booth is designed for the specific media.
Hope this helps and good luck.
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Your competitors are spending millions making better marketing materials. Don't think spending $99 on your brand is really smart....
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Don't ask a brand designer how much before you actually let them know what the project is about.
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Picking a $99.00 logo design for your product is like walking down the freeway naked. You get noticed... and killed. Let us help your business not only survive but thrive! We can get your products sold!
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Hiring a $99.00 label designer is like having the director of gravity telling Sandra bullock she is to expensive. For this first movie. Maybe once we get popular.
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Starting a new product with a $99.00 logo design is like sitting next to Brad Pit&George Clooney wondering why no woman are talking to you.
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Some more comments from one of our valued customers:
"Thank you Ron! I think you're awesome to work with as well! Thank you so much for being patient with me and for your amazing professionalism at getting everything done so quickly!" 
             – Loan Nguyen, Le's Deli

Contact us today, we can get your product sold!
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$ Millions in sales on thousands of shelves 
Let us help you with...

• Consumer trends
• Store buyers
• Distributors
• Wholesale channels
Advertising Agency for 15 Years
Now strictly a design firm, Ron Hansen takes his years producing ads in print and electronic media for major companies and brings them to your project. Because Ron worked in the trenches, your product gets the benefit of understanding markets and sales at no additional cost to you. Experience counts. 
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Some feedback from one of our valued customers:

"I LOVE the sketch just the way it is. You're amazing!! We think they ALL look fantastic! You are doing such an amazing job! Keep up the great job!!" 

– Diana Gammon, Sunseasoned Raw Foods
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"Starting off a new product with cheap $99.00 label design is like going to a job interview with bad breath and your pants on backwards."
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