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I'm just getting started with VbaGit, and I'm very excited about using it with the Libre Excel Tools project I've been working to get off the ground. A major barrier it seems to having a central repository of open source VBA libraries, is the challenges with having an easy to share, easy to contribute, and easy to have version control method of dealing with VBA, and I'm really hoping VbaGit will solve much of this.

I have several questions from reading the "Getting started with VbaGit"

1. The screenshot for the Trust Center seems to not work, although weirdly, it shows up in the preview below! So at least that solved that problem. But you might want to still see what might be going on.

2. I noticed that it says "Regardless of whether you are reading from or writing to your workbook, VbaGit is expecting to be run from a Bootstrap workbook". Is there any way to have VbaGit be in my PERSONAL.XLSB workbook, so that I can use it more easily and regularly? Or are there reasons that this would be a bad idea?

3. When I tried to make the GitHub App, it looks like a few things have changed since the original instructions, as it is now under Developer Settings, and when I went to make the App, it says that the application vbagit has already been used. If I use a different app name, do I need to change some settings inside of the VbaGit VBA code to accommodate for this? Also, there are now a lot of questions about permissions, and I'd like to know which ones I should give full rights to, and which ones are safe to leave off.

Thank you again for your work on this, I think the work you have done could really propel the Libre Excel Tools project forward.

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