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abstrait 316
abstrait 316

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le classique abstrait tonight on klassikradio from 10pm to 00am
Flako - Gelis
Sasha - Vapour Trails
Alexander S. Karlov & E-Motive - Callll
Worldtraveller - Green Turtle (Redubbed)
Kiasmos - Blurred
Marc Löffler - Myiami
Sieren - Lost You
Setsuna - Calcium
Polished Chrome - Always You
Der Waldläufer - Klare Wasser
Marconi Union - Akihabara (Electric Town)
East Forest - Highway 1
Jool - Seacroft
Sergei Rhachmaninov - Prelude

Brombaer - Template
Christian Löffler - Pigment
ATB - Time
Gabin & Stefano Di Battista - Urban Night
Digitonal - Seraphim
Thierry David - Thinking Of Elton
Ralf Hildenbeutel - Je Ne Me Souviens Plus
JONSON - Moon On Earth
Dreamw41ker - Wonderland (feat. Trastler)
Marc Hartman - Aqua
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Second Trip to Japan
Kookoon - Redondo
Starchildren - Serenity
The Swan And The Lake - Weather (feat. Hush Forever)
Hans Zimmer - Flying Drone
listen to

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"Der Verkauft unserer Wohnung in der Schanze über Peters+Peters ist problemlos verlaufen. Die Zusammenarbeit mit Regina Wojcieszak war hervorragend: Wir wurden gut beraten und die Kommunikation war perfekt, klar und persönlich. Wir können uns nur bedanken."

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Don´t miss my radio abstrait show on Chill in UK (DAB and web)

3 time a week:
Wednesdays 10pm to midnight
Thursdays 7 to 8pm
fridays 7 to 8pm

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abstrait on mallorca sunshine radio, every thursday night at 10pm

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i am very proud to announce that “abstrait” is now a part of the IBIZA LIVE RADIO family. my radio show is scheduled every tuesday morning at 7am (CET)

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summer is coming

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THIS SUNDAY NIGHT, after 10 years, i will play my LAST radio show "n-joy abstrait" on!

i started this show in december 2005 and never believe then that it could be a so long success! thank you to all artists and listeners for your fidelity and support all over the years, helping me to provide one of the best german chillout radio shows.

i am sad and disappointed to stop this show, this decision was made by N-JOY to stop all the DJ-mixes broadcasted on weekends. i tried many weeks to save this show but there was no chance to continue it. on sunday, 12th april, N-JOY will start to play my "n-joy abstrait" archived shows, every sundays from 22:00 to 00:00. there will not be new produced mixes but older shows from the past years.

in the future, you will be able to listen my new and fresh radio mixes called "abstrait sessions" on many internet radios (, INSELRADIO and many more.) or on MIXCLOUD. more infos:

sunday night final playlist:
1 Der Waldläufer - Green Oaks
2 Eskadet - Boréales
3 Fade - Waste No Time
4 Show-B & Cyrus - Stranded
5 Lake Powel - Bright Eyes, Dirty Hairs
6 Lindstøm - Limitations
7 Tears For Fears - Shout (Jakatta Thrilled Out Mix)
8 Trentemøller - ... Even Though You're With Another Girl
9 Eskadet - Eternelle (feat. Natalia Anchel Babanova)
10 Blond:ish - Stolen Romance (feat. Audysea)
11 Klangstein - Give it up (Ambient)
12 Zinova - Northern Wind
13 Bill Douglas - Heaven in a Wild Flower
14 Chris Zippel & Marcus Loeber - Nihila
15 Five Seasons - Eyes Like An Ocean
16 Infernal - Mizkett
17 Jonson - Jonson
18 Jon Hopkins - Luna Moth
19 A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Atomos III
20 John Murphy & Underworld - Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)
21 Blank & Jones - J'en Reste Là (With Coralie Clement)
22 Paul Sauvanet - Adieu
23 Art Of Noise - Moments in love

merci und à bientôt!
raphaël marionneau

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abstrait 210 is now available on mixcloud. enjoy 2 hours of a fine selection of ambient, chillout, electronica, lounge and downtempo. just listen and relax, this is your soundtrack for a moment.
listen to here:

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i am very proud to announce that MIXCLOUD just ranked my abstrait sessions as one of the 25th best ambient & chillout shows in 2014.

read more:

with more than 2000 followers, each show is listened more than 800 time and this grows dialy! follow me:
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