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Stephanie Troutman & +David J Leonard "The selective invoking of violence elsewhere should give us pause? Why are we so comfortable looking for pain, suffering and violence elsewhere? U.S. exceptionalism . . . manifest Destiny . . . white man’s burden?  Yet, there is no reason to look at the outside for the horrific violence when it continues to plague our communities all while the media and “the leaders” remain silent, co-conspirators in the persistence of violence."
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I was just talking about the Staten Island case with my mom last night. I had an interesting ethical moment while doing Sandy relief. I was going to take a bunch of donations to a dropoff location for Staten Island, and I thought to myself: Given the long racial animus of some residents towards blacks, and the fact that Sandy hit so many regions, is this what I want to do? I wrestled with it and decided that I couldn't condemn an entire borough because of this tragedy, which I do believe has clear racial implications. We have to call out racism and bias but not shut down our hearts. That's a spiritual challenge.
Well said Farai; Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
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