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Emily Heagy
My mission: young people + random acts of kindness + making pages beautiful.
My mission: young people + random acts of kindness + making pages beautiful.

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One hundred - year in review
What does one say for their hundredth blog post? That dilemma has probably been why I haven't written anything for six months. That, and the fact that life becomes normal so things don't seem interesting enough to write about. But here I am now, just in tim...

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And yet we come
Eternal Love, we have no good to bring Thee, No single good of all our hands have wrought, No worthy music have we found to sing Thee, No jewelled word, no quick upsoaring thought. And yet we come; and when our faith would falter Show us, O Love, the quiet ...

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Gentle Savior
So this is basically my theme song for this week... beautiful music, and lyrics that inspire me to keep on. Where are the signs? Which way should I go? I pledge each step, but now I don't know. Tomorrow is a chasm of uncertainty, But I will go there if You'...

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A couple of my good friends from Wat Preah Yesu have dreamed a big dream and acted on it... and God has blessed abundantly. Kathleen, Khzak, and the grade 9 class. Meet Hooftrek - a project I'm excited about! In a nutshell, Hooftrek is a horsemanship progra...

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God can be trusted
The last six months have turned my life upside down, like nothing else. A few of my worst dreams have come true: 1) not knowing what to do next in life, 2) having to be separated by an ocean from some of my best friends and "children," and 3) my mom being d...

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Pieces of art
Meet one of my favorite artists, Melissa Jane. Here are just a few of her pieces of work... I think they're so beautiful! And she just happens to be one of my best friends, too, which makes it extra nice. "Let Me Tell You a Story" "Red-Haired Lass" "Redisco...

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Summer/Fall 2015
This year has gone by all in a rush. So many things happened. Here's a quick catchup and update... May We jumped into school life after our long holiday, and definitely kept busy. Both classes and outside-of-school things were on the agenda. A last-minute, ...

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These days...
April flew right by... I guess time flies when you're on holiday! Here's a photo update on what's been happening during the last while. Our 2-week Khmer New Year holiday was rather quiet around here, but it was nice to get some extra rest after many busy da...

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Facts about Cambodia
I'm just making a quick stop here to share a link to a website. I read this article this evening while searching for information for my upcoming Geography 8 class, and I thought it was a rather accurate description of Cambodia, complete with pictures and vi...

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A New Beginning
Semester 2 is underway! We finished our midyear exams last week, and I think everyone is enjoying the fact that we are learning new things now instead of reviewing for and taking all of those end-of-semester tests and exams. I am, for sure. And now we're ge...
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