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Creative. Social. Nerd. | Twitter@OakMonster |
Creative. Social. Nerd. | Twitter@OakMonster |

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#HobbitDiet Day 5: Holy crap I was full.

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I'm 5 days into my 30-day #HobbitDiet challenge. Follow along!

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Thanks for sharing the love for the Love Your Produce Manager day!

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At 18 months and counting without a full-time job, I'm going to add this to my arsenal.

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In case you're wondering where I've been...

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Google+ Hangout's integration into real social situation. Or as +Aric Mellott calls it, "How Google+ Save Tequila Brunch".

With all these changes on Facebook, the next thing you know they'd pull a Netflix and started a new site called Friendster. Oh wait a minute...

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I'm playing hostess for Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate at a location in Long Beach on Sunday, September 18. Any LA/Orange County bloggers who would like to come to our chocolate and wine pairing event in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let yourself be known here or on my blog and I will send you an invite. Seating is limited!

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We saw her "Death 40 Feet Tall" last month. It was awesome. Come hang out and help +BGF Central shape her new show!
I'm Making This Up As I Go Along

In seven days I'm to perform my Nerd Prom piece at an event, and of course I have rewritten it Yet Again in an attempt to make it tighter. One thing I've learned is this sort of thing is not finished on the page; a true rewrite can only come after live audience feedback.

So ... going with "follow the fear" concept here ... I'm thinking of using the hangout feature to help me do the "final" rewrite! Tuesday, August 16, 10 p.m. Pacific, in my living room - and yours!

If you're all what? Go to the link below, click on the video on the left, watch. Difference is I won't be reading from the page (much).

If you're interested in being my test audience, leave a note below. Thank you!

An ad showed up on Bangkok's The Nation website. With a QR code. Um. Yeah. #youredoingitwrong
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