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vj, tv, channel, generative, dvj, mapping, motion, graphics, video, art, projection, 3d, animation, music
vj, tv, channel, generative, dvj, mapping, motion, graphics, video, art, projection, 3d, animation, music

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VJs TV currently one of the largest archives dedicated exclusively to audio visual art forms from artists all around the world, with a playlist of over now 2000 videos and growing weekly!

Got a video of your project you want to share? Post us your video on and have it published on our site to start getting viewers.



If you have any questions check the FAQ section or contact us.,

About VJs Mag

VJs Mag is an international social networking magazine which deals with audio visual art forms and creative technologies. It was launched in April 2013 by founder Guillaume J. Lauzier. It is accessible to anyone who is passionate about or just has a general interest in live audiovisual performances and creative technology. It offers daily news about upcoming and past projects, technical reviews and tutorials, interviews with top artists. Check upcoming events in your area with a printable interactive calendar, find and apply for work on our job listings, become a member and share!

Video Jockeys are multimedia masters of performing visuals with audio and have often accumulated technical skills such as live cinema synchronized with audio, programming, projection mapping, motion graphic design, interactive design, creating art and lighting installations. VJS often face numerous challenges in developing their ideas, these can include: crafting with creative technologies which often requires studying or discovering existing complex systems, understanding audio and visual programming languages, managing a project and seeking funding, and collaborating with art professionals. Today in our digital age where information has become more wide spread and accessible through the web, a growing number of independent artists promote their projects and events they help organize online.

At, we strive to offer the advantages of social media together with the added communication tools VJs require for publicity and visibility in the music world. Members can create a profile and portfolio, submit a post with a project or event and even attach an uploaded gallery. They can acces the forum to discuss with other members on different topics, share information on their and community activity feeds, submit or apply for jobs, subscribe to feeds and much more. Viewers are free to browse all of the site, including job postings, but will miss out on the additional interactivity registered members benefit from.

We hope you will enjoy your visit and why not become a registered daily user?

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You can now register on the Jobs & Bookings section.

JobsMag has launched here -
Will soon be followed by the official site


This section is for Job listings and Bookings, create a new account and submit a new job or your resume for FREE*. 

If you have any questions you can contact us HERE.


”Creating Outstanding Projects”

Do you want to read about other professionals and discover their projects? Do you want to discuss and share your ideas in order to make the right choice? Do you need to promote your event? Do you want to submit a job posting and have it promoted on our network (including the magazine)? Would you also like to manage applications and candidates online? We have created a beautifully designed website so you can do just that together with all the added extras our community has to offer.

And that’s not all: you will have access to both our in-house and other users’ technical skills and publications – all of which are regularly updated online. At VJs Mag we truly believe JobsMag is just the right place to find your next project and business partner.

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Yes! the site will be online today as promised. For those of you who are curious how the web site will look. Heres a short preview before the site opening.
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Post your videos and Follow Our Vimeo Channel:

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Announcement: is officially Launching 30th of March 2013!

The website will feature daily audio visual 'News', 'Interviews' of artists, 'Reviews' of hardware and software, past and upcoming 'Events' with a interactive/printable calendar, a Submissions page where artists can register and submit their own projects. Also a Forum will be available for Discussions and, a page exclusively for Job Postings for any companies seeking professionals for they're audio visual project development.

Share Your Projects
Hey....VJs, Audio Visual Performers, New Media and Video Artists, Techies and Engineers, Developers, Designers we are now accepting project submissions at

What we need is:

- Your Project Title with your Artists or Real names mentioned
- Project Description or Summary (minimum 200 words)
- 5 Photos of the event and/or project done or in progress
- Your country of residency and Your Biography
- Videos of the project (optional)
- Youtube/Vimeo profile, Company or Artist Website (optional)

Now what are you waiting for! Be THE FIRST to get your work featured on VJs Mag.

Regards :D
G.J. Lauzier

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