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Medicinal and culinary herbs can bring us varying degrees of relief from body ailments and discomforts, skin problems, and lifting our spirits.

In the kitchen - culinary herbs and spices become our reliable “’go to” for enhanced flavors in food and refreshing teas and drinks.

In our self-care - whether it is a salve, tonic, oil or a delicious meal… plants and herbs along with spices can bring enormous value in so many ways.

Plants are truly magical living things. They provide so much to those of us who allow them to touch our senses and our health. Remember that plants also give us potent essential oils.

Just to see Calendula blooms basking in the sun makes me happy! It is one of my summer favorites with its bright beautiful blooms.

I pick them from my garden to make “Calendula Oil” which is like golden sunshine and has numerous medical applications for the skin (including treating insect bites)!

Orange and Basil are also a couple of my favorites to utilize during the hot July and August. They bring thoughts of wonderful tropical citrus and bright herbs, both delicious smelling (and tasting). Basil, like Calendula, is an effective insect bite aid. Who knew?

This month is a perfect time to explore a new experience to add to the tried and true favorites that we seem to rely on each summer.

You can discover so many interesting home remedies at, including loads of information.

Have a wonderful rest of the summer!

~Team Annie


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This is very worrying. What will it take before we can change farm practices to stop using poisons and embrace organics?

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If you are suffering from a chronic skin condition you should give sea buckthorn oil a try.  Those with psoriasis and eczema may benefit from the oils ability to prevent plaque formation, which gets to the root of the problem. Sea buckthorn oil can be used directly on the skin to regenerate skin after injuries, burns, wounds, and sun damage.  Current studies are being performed on its ability to combat wrinkles, acute dryness and other symptoms of prematurely aged skin. There is widespread consensus that the oil greatly improves the condition of skin and hair and is a beneficial dietary supplement. While the cost of the oil is rather high, it is highly concentrated and can be used very sparingly. The cost is certainly lower than turning to the biologic drugs currently being heavily advertised on TV, and the side effects are minimal.

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Great article on using medicinal herbs in cooking

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