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Havoc Mantis
I fancy myself a funny guy. I write a blog. I do improv. I am familiar with "The Rule of Three".
I fancy myself a funny guy. I write a blog. I do improv. I am familiar with "The Rule of Three".

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A haunted house that’s fraught with haunted groans A soft, suspicious sound when you’re alone A minor chord, discordant, mingled tones The moment all your hopes drop like a stone The infinite abyss which sits unknown The withered, once-loved doll that you s...

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The lion lying in the plain had lied The lyin’ lion’s family had tried To find the prey that he had said he’d spied Afar from fields where lions ought reside The lion claimed he could not be their guide His brother, baring fearsome fangs, defied Suspecting ...

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Night of Too Many Tweeters Free Sample
Do you like poetry? Then you’re in luck! I’ll pen a poem if you pay the price With rhymes so good, you’ll be like “What the… frick” Alliteration always sounds so nice But wherefore do I ask from you this fee? The money does not make its way to me I’m doing ...

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A word of wisdom's any that we say A lord of wizards' orders, we obey Accord with powers, astral, fell, or fay. Affording us the might to light the way. A horde of warriors, we aptly slay A sword of water washes fools away We will the winter winds to whip a...

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Happy National Poetry Day!
Sometimes sublime's the word that I would use To try to capture feelings of this sort And yet, it matters not which word I choose The whole of human language comes up short Perhaps where prose performs a job that's poor The art of rhyme and meter might suff...

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The Shadow
A deathly shadow stalks me in my sleep A spectre siphoning my spirit's life Its visage, only known to those who weep to wonder why they've caused themselves such strife. It is the source of nearly all the ills that plague me in this too short life of mine I...

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What I Did Instead of Math
I am afraid I have gone quite insane Since summer's started, something's gone amiss My motivation's missing: down the drain I am unsure of how it came to this. On school's last day I'd plans to ply my trade To do those useful things I used to do I think tha...

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This profile has 11,400 views? Is this a typo? Is this a glitch? Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? 

How does my Google + Profile have more views than my blog
Why does my Google + Profile have more views than my blog
What is this

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Rap Kerfuffle
My brother recently instigated a "rap battle" of sorts between me and my friend Dr. Lou Tennant over Facebook. He stopped being my friend after about halfway through the sonnet at the end, so I guess I lost. Annotations will be explained at the bottom, beca...
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