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An impressive week of weather around the world!  Dust storms, heavy snow, extreme cold, and record warmth.  

+The Weather Channel Meteorologist Chris Dolce recaps all this:
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Gun fight at the "OK" Corral, taking a wrong turn.. 
ואו! אני מישראל! מירושלים! זה פשוט מדהים לראות את השלג הזה בירושלים!
נכון הלבוש של הבחורים מיוחד? Whoa! I'm from Israel! Jerusalem! It's just amazing to see the snow in Jerusalem!
Is a special men's clothing? I'm sure it special!
Good to meet you! It's 37 degrees here. Windy but no snow for us. I love the picture you posted. Is that the Wailing Wall your in front of?
I am German and Jewish and Cherokee on my dads side. 
וואו! wawo! it's a lot! :) I'm Jewish - Orthodox. Lived in Israel and studying in Jerusalem
I am a psychology student first year. And I have a lot of work to submit .... (End of semester, you know)
I bet we'll good luck. We can talk later so you can get to work. Nice talking to you,
Really good. The weather here is anything but Southern California, however the news is reporting a warm up! I am excited about that. How is the weather there? Is it usual? 
Do you relly excited about a warm?! :):):)
The weather here is hot today....I can say that I srael is relly hot country. I do like it like that. Cold weather is not my favorite.But except that,everything Is usual.
We do not get really cold weather here. Usually a sweater is good enough but lately we have needed a heavy coat. It's been crazy weather. my horses have a very thick winter fur right now. not looking forward to brushing them out.  ;-(
relly? I thought it cold in California.......:) It does't matter
! do you really have a horses? I think that horse a beautiful animal
Hello, how are you?
I always check my email before i going to bed ....( It's really bad joke
.... [?])
hope your horses are fine ...
Shabbat Shalom!
Nheora Sapir
They are great! How are you and I hope you have a great sleep. Sweet dreams friend!
Thank God, I'm fine.
* Today I finished my first semester!!!! A more few years I will could be a
psychologist ...*
* Thank you for the good wishes sleep ...*
* What is the time now in California?*
It is 12:31 pm. I'm at lunch. I am so glad you got through finals. I am sure you will get great grades! The time will go fast and it will be so rewarding when you finish school.

You have no idea how much your words help me ... Thank you for the
It is really amazing that there are differences of nearly 24 hours between
us and we still communicate with each other.
Do you have children? I'm not married yet. I have nine brothers and
sisters, and one nephew - very sweet!
I'll send you our pictures if you want ...
Because it's Friday today so we cook a lot of food to Saturday. You are
welcome to eat with us if you like ...
I would love to have food with you! You are so very sweet! I have two daughters and one step son. My oldest daughter is named Harmony and is married to Darren. They have a son, my grandson, and his name is Aiden. Aiden is 5. My youngest daughter is Melodee. Her husband is Juan and she has 2 daughters, my grand daughters. Alyssa is 7 and Adalina is 4. I am married to Wayne. I have two sisters and two brothers.

We usually have big meals after church on Sunday. Your family is very big! God bless you and your family. Are you the oldest? Youngest? In my family I am the first child of my parents. Both have passed. I am a Paralegal in a law office. I help people with divorce. I am also a minister and am able to marry people together.

I would love to see a picture of you. I am sure you are beautiful. I love talking to you.
My step son is Tyler and he is married to Crystal and they have 2 children. Deak 3 and Makenzie 2. They live in Iowa and I don't get to see them that often. I have 5 grandchildren. Are you on Facebook?

It is Friday here and I still have one more day of work . :-/ Where in Israel do you live? I live in Riverside CA. An hour away from Anaheim (Disneyland). We have a desert climate. We have the beach 1 hour away, and the mountains 1 hour away.

We friend I have to get dressed for work so you have a wonderful day/ night and enjoy every minute with your family! You
Are so very blessed! 
Have a good week! I'm so glad to meet you! You sound very nice person. We
definitely a big family ... Thank God. The names of your girls are very
beautiful! Meaning of my name - Nehora is a great light. Origin of the name
is in the Aramaic language. You know I have relatives with your family
name? - Schechter. Interesting, is not it? Anyway, you're always welcome to
visit us! My family is always happy to have - people from all over the
Really? Wow! Maybe we are related!!!! Wouldn't that be funny! You have a great day and I very much enjoy our time talking. Your name is very beautiful and very much describes you. You are a light!
Yes thank you. My cold is finally getting better. Your day is ending and mine is just beginning. So you have just had elections in your country! What is the age limit of voting in Isreal?
I voted! We are allowed to vote from the age of 18 ... It's the same with
you? The results of the election a little disappointing but especially
surprising ... No one expected those results. Well, it was pretty clear it
was going to be different this time. Except for the fact that Benjamin
Netanyahu is still the Prime Minister of Israel. And ... Good day to you.
To me, obviously need to wish ... Good night.
Yes we can vote at 18 and good night to you. Good you voted! It's important to have our voices heard. You were hoping the other candidate won?
Have a good week! Sorry I did not answer you until now .. I began the time of
the tests ... About the elections in Israel - I definitely did not expect a
new party of a guy-a TV journalist will be the second largest party in less
than a year! Surprise! As they say in America
Hello!!!! Good to hear from you. I am so glad your tests are done. So..... How do you think you did? I am sure you will get very good marks! How is your family. I pray you are all very well. 
shalom! Hello!
Thank goodness the test went well.
my family feel good. How the your daughters? And granddaughters? Hope they
feel fine this winter ...
I always praying for peace all. The whole world. For us, it actually
Mitzvah ... Thank you also to pray. This is very important. I am sure that
Lord of the world hears to all prayers.
What can you tell me about yourself? What do you do in your spare time?
Where you spend your time? What do you like to eat?A lot of questions
,but, It is very interesting me. Have a good day!
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