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Erie, PA recorded their snowiest January day on record yesterday (16.3"), their 4th snowiest day overall, and snowiest calendar day since Nov. 29, 1979.  Records, there, date to 1893.  

+The Weather Channel iWitnessWeather video from Erie, PA last night thanks to mrRobT: 

Right now...a classic lake-effect snowband is hammering areas north of Syracuse, NY.  Don't attempt to drive north on Interstate'll come into whiteout conditions.  Screen grab of radar is below.

Interactive radar link: 
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NWS-Buffalo just issued a statement saying snowfall rates may be up to 5" per hour in that band!  Imagine if it took you an hour to shovel your driveway.  By the time you were done at one end of the driveway, where you started would have 5".  Wow!
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