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What's the snowiest day on record in your U.S. state?  

+The Weather Channel Meteorologist Chris Dolce lays out all 50 states here:

(Yes, even Florida is included!)
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global climate change.
Hey Jonathan, do you know about the Chemtrails? I see them everyday, unless it's raining. I see the planes very high up just spraying like their's no tomorrow, they do this daily, making tic-tac-toe lines, X's in the sky. Chemtrails are dangerous, theirs about 49-50 different toxic chemicals in the spray. Chemtrails are being sprayed hard here in the U.S. & its changing things. And, those 300 birds, that just fell out of the sky in TN & died, I mean really? You can't forget about the other mass animal deaths in the world. Chemtrailing & Sonic Waves killed those animals. Chemtrails effect the Weather, Crops, Plants, Trees, Honey Bees, Animals & Humans..
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